Respiratory Muscle Training in Healthy Humans: Resolving the Controversy

“An overview of the literature that rationalizes contradictory findings about respiratory muscle training in healthy people.”


“It is likely that the ergogenic effect of respiratory muscle training (RMT) has a multifactorial etiology that may include:

  1. The direct effect of RMT upon respiratory muscle fatigue
  2. RMT’s indirect effects upon improving blood flow distribution to limb locomotor muscles in heavy exercise
  3. RMT’s direct and indirect effect upon the intensity with which both respiratory and peripheral efforts are perceived.”

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Inspiratory Muscles Strength Training In Recreational Athletes

Entraînement de la force des muscles inspiratoires chez le sujet sportif amateur

“Respiratory muscles strength and endurance influence athletic performance. Besides conventional spirometry, sniff test, inspiratory and expiratory maximal pressures can directly assess respiratory muscle strength. Respiratory muscles can be train through a device offering inspiratory and expiratory resistance.”


A specific training of inspiratory muscles (Powerbreathe® Sports performance) increases the power of these muscles (voluntary and non-invasive tests).

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