New POWERbreathe Website – Medical, for Healthcare Professionals

As mentioned in our previous blog, the POWERbreathe website underwent a redesign in order to fulfil the requirements that our visitors have been expressing. It now clearly directs visitors to the area that interests them the most, and for healthcare professionals, this would be the Medical site.

This area of the website has been developed for licensed and practicing healthcare professionals only as an educational knowledge base that supplements and draws upon the professional training, experience, and knowledge of such healthcare professionals.

To gain access to this Medical area of the site, healthcare professionals must first ‘Sign up for access’. We’re able then to authorise your request enabling you to log in and access all areas.

The most beneficial feature of the new Medical site for healthcare professionals is ‘Knowledge Base’ where you’ll find essential reading about:


Links to research behind the rigorous assessment that led to POWERbreathe Medic being made available for prescription on the NHS.

IMT/RMT Trials & Research

Links to evidence finding that the condition of the inspiratory muscles is impaired, as well as, studies showing that RMT is helpful, expert reviews of RMT and links to clinical trials.

POWERbreathe In Research

POWERbreathe was the inspiratory muscle training device of choice used in numerous research and here you will find links to that research.

Medical Conditions

Links to research papers, original studies and review articles that show Inspiratory Muscle Training is beneficial for medical conditions.
To help keep you up-to-date with new research and with what others are researching, we’ve also included tabs for the ‘Latest’ and the most ‘Popular’ research.

Compare Devices

This feature allows you to see at a glance the features of each POWERbreathe medical device, from the original POWERbreathe Medic Classic available for prescription in the UK, to the later ergonomically designed Medic Plus for adult and paediatric use, to the KH1 high performance electronic respiratory training model and the new KH2 electronic respiratory training and assessment model with Medic Live Feedback Software.