David Vinall – I had no idea how much Powerbreathe would change my life

I am using my new Powerbreathe Fitness Plus and it is a great help with my fitness training.  There is a Gym nearby which is a great help; various classes are available and good equipment to use, which is all helping my training schedule.  I am also cycling, so things are going O.K.

Looking back, my love of cycling has helped me remain fairly fit for someone who has had asthma since I was 2 years old, (I am now 74!!!) and it is this interest in cycling that lead me to discover Powerbreathe!

Mary (my wife) and I were out collecting shoeboxes for Link Romania and were headed for North Devon.  As we approached Bridgewater I remembered that there is a fantastic cycle shop in Bridgewater called St John Street Cycles, so we went in and had a good look round, this was November 2002.  It was here that I picked up a leaflet about Powerbreathe, read it and subsequently bought my first Powerbreathe.

Initially I had no idea how much Powerbreathe would change my life. On a normal day I was using Ventolin or Becotide inhalers and Ventolin tablets 3 times a day, on a good day twice a day.  My January New Years Resolution 2003 was to conscientiously use my new Powerbreathe every day twice a day.  By mid February 2003 I was feeling much better and was not relying so much on medication and life was much better, in fact by Feb/March I was regularly able to go without medication for a day, sometimes days and I was enjoying life!

In the summer of 2003 we were lucky enough to be able to buy a camper van and have been using it ever since.  My medication has changed and reflects improvements in dealing with my asthma; I now use Seretide 125 with an aerochamber as and when required.

When the new Powerbreathe model came out I bought one, it is such an improvement on the original model and my health continued to improve, as you know I am now using my new Powerbreathe Fitness to help me get fit for a Sponsorship Cycle Challenge from Romania to Moldova.  In the old days although I have done some rides like the London to Brighton I could not have committed to this latest Challenge.

I am totally convinced that I am fitter and can enjoy a more enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle thanks to my Powerbreathe, I am really pleased that I picked up that leaflet all those years ago.

On many occasions when talking with people with breathing problems Powerbreathe has been recommended and I definitely know that one man immediately bought one for his wife on email.  I definitely recommend Powerbreathe – it could change your life, it did for me!

Thank you for a wonderful product.
Kind regards
David Vinall

If  POWERbreathe is helping you stay in control of your asthma or is an adjunct to your COPD treatment,  then please leave a comment and share your experience – we’d love to hear from you.

Martin Strel – Big River Man uses POWERbreathe K5

Martin StrelRecently our Duncan was on yet another trip abroad, lucky him getting to go on all these ‘jolly boy’s outings’ while we slave away at POWERbreathe HQ.

Anyway, joking aside it is all work really……

Duncan’s last trip was to Slovenia to go and see the POWERbreathe Distributor    In Tact Group.  Whilst there he was introduced to Martin Strel AKA known as Big River Man. Martin Strel is a legendary Guinness record marathon swimmer, who has always been looking for the challenges of impossible and the Amazon was the recent one. On April 7th, 2007 Martin Strel completed his epic Amazon river swim all the way from Atalaya (Peru) to the Atlantic Ocean at Belém (Brazil). He was struggling the river for 66 days for more than 10 hours a day and totally swam 5268 kms or 3274 miles. He became a wordwide hero.

We caught up with Martin in Slovenia and tested out the POWERbreathe K5 on him. Martin’s next challenge is a swim down the Grand Canyon and he will be using the POWERbreathe K5 as part of his training.  Martin is a keen user of the device and as you can see from this video he trains with his POWERbreathe while driving.

What do you think of Big River Man and his amazing challenges? Please leave us a comment below.

Martin Strel Website

Phil Bradbury – POWERbreathe has helped my breathing

I have just completed a 12 week trial with a medium resistance Powerbreathe.

I cycle or row just about every day but do not compete formally so I cannot quote figures of percentage improvement in particular events. Having said that I do push myself very hard whilst riding at the Velodrome and on some club rides which are inevitably very hilly and quite fast.

I only started using the Concept rower for some cross training about 7 months ago so I would expect my performance to improve anyway, that said each week I do a timed one hour row and each week the metres completed increases with what feels like the same effort.

My criteria of success is how I feel under high exercise effort.

As far back as I can remember I felt I ran out of breath long before I ran out of legs, it felt that my breathing had become the limiting factor. I have in the past consulted my doctor about this and had spirometer and exercise ECG tests, both showing for my age of 63 that I am very fit.  This breathing limit has been more obvious in the winter months.

I do perceive a change over the 12 week trial in that I no longer reach the point where I begin to worry that, “this time I have gone too far”, with my breathing. By accident not design the trial has been during the Autumn / Winter months.

Bottom line, I think the Powerbreathe has helped with my breathing and I will continue to use it as part of my daily routine.

POWERbreathe Trial – Martin Haines Week 1: The journey begins

Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started using the powerbreathe, particularly as I am asthmatic.  Although it affects me less now than it used to when I was a child, I still have trouble doing harder interval sessions on my bike and even heavier and more intense gym sessions can make me more breathless than I’d expect.  I figured the powerbeathe would either kill or cure me!!   I typically do CV work twice a week on my bike, which is mostly endurance work, but more recently I’ve included intervals.  I also do weights in the gym 2 -3 times per week which is a combination of weight lifting and weight training. I was advised by the powerbreathe team not to use it for the first week, as I was recovering from a chest infection, so I started using it 4 days ago.  Initially I found it difficult even on the lowest setting.  Inhaling was difficult and also I felt it in my costo-vertebral joints (rib joints round the side of my spine).  I managed about 12 breathes and stopped.

I’ve used it twice a day since then for 4 days and it continues to be difficult to be honest.  I’m very interested to see how that changes over time. I am doing more breaths now I’m up to about 20.   As yet I haven’t noticed any difference in my training or daily life.

Josh Warrell Week 1: The journey begins

My names Josh Warrell and I’m a Personal Trainer & Master Trainer for various products within the fitness industry such as ViPR & FKPro. During my 3 month trial I will be talking about my experience using the POWERbreathe as a Personal Trainer with a range of clients but mostly the experiences of my mother whose profile you will find below.

Name: Denise Warrell

D.O.B: 16/11/1965

Height: 5ft 9

Weight: 11St

Has suffered with asthma all her life, but most recently in October 2010 suffered multiple Pulmonary Embolisms. She was hospitalised for 2 weeks and could not return to work for 3 months. She now suffers from shortness of breath after short burst of activity.

Here is her training diary.

June 8th

Train Test

Load                      31                                            S Index                                 79

Power                   3.0                                          Flow                                      4.5

VOL                      2.1                                          VOL                                       2.3

T Index                                 62% MED


June 9th

Train Test

Load                      33                                                           S Index                79

Power                   3.6                                                          Flow                     4.5

VOL                        2.4                                                         VOL                     2.3

T Index                                 65%

Comments: Tightness in the top half of my chest during and after training, a little light headed. Walking & talking at the same time is hard.

June 10th AM

Train Test

Load                      33                                                           S Index                                 93

Power                   4.1                                                          Flow                      5.3

VOL                        1.8                                                         VOL                        2.2

T Index                                 64%

Comments: Tightness more in the upper portion of left lung. Slightly light headed

June 10th PM

Train Test

Load                      38                                                           S Index                79

Power                   2.9                                                          Flow                      4.5

VOL                        1.6                                                         VOL                      2.4

T Index                                 37%

Comments: Tightness in the top half of whole chest during training.

June 11th AM

Train Test

Load                      43                                                           S Index                 85

Power                   3.1                                                          Flow                      4.8

VOL                        1.5                                                         VOL                        2.5

T Index                                 52%

Comments: Woke with tight chest, pain in all of chest during training, light headed for short time

June 11th PM

Train Test

Load                      35                                                           S Index                 87

Power                   2.3                                                          Flow                      5.0

VOL                        1.3                                                          VOL                     3.2

T Index                                 43%

Comments: Breathless slightly all day on exertion, tight chest during training. I feel as though i am getting more of my asthma inhalers as it feels it is going deeper into my lungs with not so much left in my mouth.

June 12th AM

Train Test

Load                      34                                                           S Index                 87

Power                   3.6                                                          Flow                      5.0

VOL                        1.9                                                          VOL                      2.7

T Index                                 60%

Comments: A little wheezy with tight chest today. Pain in my entire chest during training.

June 12th PM

Train Test

Load                      38                                                           S Index                73

Power                   4.1                                                          Flow                      4.2

VOL                        2.0                                                          VOL                    3.2

T Index                                 68%

Comments: Breathless today on exertion tight chest most of the day and during training.

June 13th AM

Train Test

Load                      37                                                           S Index                 79

Power                   4.5                                                          Flow                      4.5

VOL                        2.2                                                          VOL                     3.0

T Index                                 66%

Comments: Chest tight before and during training

June 13th PM

Train Test

Load                      31                                                           S Index                77

Power                   3.1                                                          Flow                      4.4

VOL                        1.7                                                          VOL                     2.2

T Index                                 63%

Comments: Breathless today on exertion tight chest most of the day and during training.

June 14th AM

Train Test

Load                      32                                                           S Index                87

Power                   4.3                                                          Flow                      4.9

VOL                        2.2                                                          VOL                    2.6

T Index                                 69%



June 14th PM

Train Test

Load                      36                                                           S Index                81

Power                   4.6                                                          Flow                      4.7

VOL                        2.1                                                          VOL                     2.6

T Index                                 68%

Comments: Have felt good today no tightness during the day, breathless tonight on exertion and tight chest during training.


June 15th AM

Train Test

Load                      39                                                           S Index               86

Power                   5.3                                                          Flow                      4.9

VOL                        2.0                                                          VOL                    2.7

T Index                                 68%

Comments: A little wheezy this morning tight chest during training


June 15th PM

Train Test

Load                      29                                                           S Index               85

Power                   3.9                                                          Flow                      4.8

VOL                        1.9                                                          VOL                    3.0

T Index                                 66%

Comments: Slight tightness while training


June 16th AM

Train Test

Load                      33                                                           S Index               103

Power                   5.0                                                          Flow                      5.8

VOL                        2.2                                                          VOL                    1.8

T Index                                 71%

Comments: Chest felt quite clear training felt easier not so tight.










Andrea Cunningham Week 12 – I need air

Hi everyone I’m back with my 12th journal entry!!  This week has seen the return of the running…still not quite sure why I’ve signed up to do another marathon but hey I have so I better get back in that mind frame asap!  Have to say though it has been a bit of a torture this week….the air quality has been shocking so breathing in itself has been worse never mind trying to run in it as well.

The runs I’ve had have had to be on the coast as that’s about the only place I can catch my breath and there has been more walking than normal but I’m putting that down to the air and my rather lacking motivation!!  Air quality seems to be getting better now though wish we had some sunshine to go with the muggy air but no such luck!  Tuesday and Thursday I went to my usual combat classes – think my toes are now mended enough to try body balance again next week so I’m looking forward to that my legs could use it!

Still haven’t figured out what Farlek training is, this week seems to have just disappeared from me with running, weddings and working!!  I will endeavor to find out for next week when hopefully I will have covered twice as much mileage as well!!  Talk to you all then 🙂

Andrea Cunningham Week 11 – Look on the bright side

21st June 2011

Hi everyone I’m back with my 11th journal entry!! Well this week things are looking up again – well apart from the weather will it ever stop raining!!  Monday I went for a cycle indoors on the interval training option (basically up and down hills) for 10 miles felt ok though I always generally get out of breath when I am doing this!!

Tuesday & Thursday then back to my favourite and combat class….my knee seems to be on the mend as it didn’t hurt at all which is great news.  And then Wednesday I once again took to the bike for more interval training – they say this is pretty good training and I seem to be getting better at it so that’s good news too.  Saturday then hallelujah it didn’t rain until lunch time so I took to the pavement for my first run in what felt like ages!  Wasn’t the best run I’ve ever had the air wasn’t the best at the start of the run as it was very muggy so I decided to reroute and head for the coastal path and it was much better down there.  I only managed about 8miles but my knee held up pretty well with just the odd niggle to contend with so that has defiantly given me the confidence to go out again and boy do I need to get back on the running schedule!

This week coming I’ve a lot of running to catch up on and I’m on a mission to find out what Fartlek sessions are as they are in my training schedule for the marathon obviously this is crucial as they appear a lot on this schedule not that I did any for the Belfast marathon!!  Well talk to you all next week hopefully with some new found knowledge 🙂

Andrea Cunningham Week 9 and 10 – 10k runs every day

6th June 2011

Hi everyone it’s me with my 9th Journal entry.  Well this week started off great when for a run on Monday and Tuesday just 10k each night and my knee is defiantly getting better as it only started to hurt towards the end of the run on Tuesday which is brilliant news as it was starting to get irritating!!  I’ve given combat a miss this week too in the hope the break would do it good so that’s probably helped as well.

On Wednesday disaster struck I managed to rip off my wobbly toe nail ouuccchhh about covers it!  So since Wednesday I haven’t been able to get socks or trainers in fact any closed shoes at all on my feet 🙁  Hopefully though this will be a good thing in the long term as it had been sore for some time though I now have a horrible looking foot which isn’t so great with summer (I hope) around the corner!!!

Friday then I decided to give the bike another go – bare footed of course so I just did interval training for 10miles and the same on Saturday and my knee didn’t hurt at all.  I know I haven’t been the most productive with exercise this week but I defiantly noticed a difference as I was able to increase the resistance on the bike to one higher without getting too much out of puff which is great news.

I still haven’t got round to trying my POWERbreathe DVD but since I’m now bare footed this week ruling out the gym and the pavement it is the perfect opportunity to give it a go!  I’m looking forward to trying something new so I’ll let you all know how I get on in next weeks journal talk to you all then 🙂

13th June 2011

Hi everyone I’m back with my 10th journal already!! This week I took a complete break from any kind of exercise to try and let my war wounds heal so this weeks read won’t be very interesting at all!  At the start of the week it was great but it has started to drive me demented now…I seemed to have replaced exercise with a whole heap of extra work which was no fun at all!

At the weekend then I decided it was time to face the marathon training programme again in preparation for the Dublin marathon…cant actually believe I am going to do it all again what was I thinking springs to mind as I read the 21 week programme 😮  The Dublin marathon organisers have been good though in giving you different training programmes to what time you would like to finish in…I think I can safely rule out the 2 ½ – 4hr programmes!!!

So all being well next weeks journal will be back to normal and full steam ahead with running again!  Can’t wait to see what difference my PowerBreathe has made now as it seems a long time since I’ve been out on the road!!  Talk to you all then 🙂

Andrea Cunningham Week 5 and 6 – What a feeling

9th May 2011

Hi everyone I’m back with my 5th journal entry.  Well I did it 26.2miles complete…such a great feeling!!!  Did not appreciate the hot weather though having done nearly all of my training in the cold it certainly was a shock to the system.  Having said that though my breathing was defiantly much better than it had been a month ago even in the heat so my POWERbreathe training is definitely working!

That was on Monday and I was straight back to work on Tuesday nonetheless I was on a high all week!  I haven’t been able to get my trainers back on my feet though as I now have a couple of wobbly toe nails so the only exercise I’ve been able to do since then has been a few bike rides inside at home (without shoes)!!!  Thursday I decided the only way my sore legs were going to recover was to try to do something so15miles on the bike sorted them out and then I did 10miles on Friday and the same on Saturday.

I cant say I enjoyed all of the marathon especially from 21-25miles I perhaps could say I hated that part though up to 21miles and the 25-26.2 miles were ok but the feeling was so good when I finished I’ve decided to do it all again in October for the Dublin marathon….perhaps I was drunk on adrenaline when I agreed to it but I’m hoping if I maintain and improve my fitness now for this one I will do much better and hopefully will find it easier!  Who knows but I’m going to give it shot anyway so I won’t be hanging my trainers up anytime soon!

16th May 2011

Hi everyone I’m back with my 6th journal entry.  Well this week I’ve been varying my training at last something other than running!!  Tuesday and Thursday I ran 10k both on the treadmill as the weather has been pretty shocking here this week unfortunately and for some reason now my knee hurts!!  I mean I run a million miles for training for the marathon and now an easy couple of 10ks and my knee starts to hurt hopefully it’ll fix itself in a few days.

I also went to Body Combat on Tuesday & Thursday which is a non-contact martial arts based class which is a mixture of Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Tai Chi.  Before the marathon this class used to absolutely kill me but surprisingly I didn’t find it anywhere near a tough as I used to, hooray!!

I’ve still been using my PowerBreathe everyday morning and night and increasing the load slightly when I’ve been able to do the 30 breaths in one go!  Though I had a small operation on Friday and I haven’t been feeling great since so I’m afraid to say I’ve had to set it aside for the last few days but I’ll get back into it tonight.

Hopefully this week coming the trainers will be back on and I’ll tackle my first 10miler since the marathon (and I for one never ever thought I’d say those words again)!!  Well that’s all for now folks talk to you next week 🙂

Andrea Cunningham Week 3 and 4 – Getting into the swing

26th April 2011

Hi everyone well this week has been relatively quiet compared to last week as I’m on the tapering down to the marathon now so I was only allowed to run 20 miles over the week according to the schedule I’ve been following.  Monday and Tuesday I ran on the treadmill just to try and quicken myself up (which doesn’t appear to be helping at the minute!!) and I went to body balance again on Tuesday and Thursday!

Friday then I hit the tarmac once again for 10 miles but the weather was warm and there wasn’t very much air so I found this quite hard just couldn’t catch my breath….I’m hoping the weather isn’t like that for the marathon or it could take me a lot longer!  It seems this week even though I haven’t been running so many ridiculous miles I’m absolutely knackered, I think all the mileage has defiantly crept up on me as my legs are so tired and feel like lead blocks at the minute!

I’ve still been using my POWERbreathe machine everyday twice a day 30 breaths in the morning and 30 at night but this week I’ve only been able to increase it by one click – I think the air quality this week hasn’t been the best so my chest is a littler tighter than normal!  I’m all set to try out the DVD this week so I’ll let you know how I get on, until next time folks and don’t forget if you have a few pennies to spare please sponsor my big run for charity Sponsor Joanne and Andrea

1st May 2011

Hi everyone,  well if last week was quiet I’ve practically been horizontal this week!  I’m still on the tapering down to the marathon on Monday 2nd so I was only allowed to run Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week then no further exercise at all!  On these days I just ran on the treadmill but only 5 miles each day to try and go quicker and keep my legs moving!

I’m starting to feel like a bear storing food for winter its all about the carbs, carbs and more carbs this week and as much water as I can consume!  Its not long now though and I am starting to get very nervous about the big day!  The weather here hasn’t broken so it is still quite warm…too warm to run in when you have asthma to contend with!  However I have been using my POWERbreathe everyday and even though last week my breathing was shocking in the weather and trying to run I have seen a definite improvement this week so fingers crossed everything will be OK on the day!

The later part of the week the only exercise I was allowed to do was a walk on Saturday just to keep my legs moving and then I was told to conserve all energy for Monday!  I’ve been conscious of not wanting to overdo it this week so I’ve only increased the level by one click on my POWERbreathe but I am defiantly seeing signs of improvement already!

Well next week all 26.2miles of the Belfast marathon will be done and i will let you know how I get on, wish me luck 🙂