David Vinall – I had no idea how much Powerbreathe would change my life

I am using my new Powerbreathe Fitness Plus and it is a great help with my fitness training.  There is a Gym nearby which is a great help; various classes are available and good equipment to use, which is all helping my training schedule.  I am also cycling, so things are going O.K.

Looking back, my love of cycling has helped me remain fairly fit for someone who has had asthma since I was 2 years old, (I am now 74!!!) and it is this interest in cycling that lead me to discover Powerbreathe!

Mary (my wife) and I were out collecting shoeboxes for Link Romania and were headed for North Devon.  As we approached Bridgewater I remembered that there is a fantastic cycle shop in Bridgewater called St John Street Cycles, so we went in and had a good look round, this was November 2002.  It was here that I picked up a leaflet about Powerbreathe, read it and subsequently bought my first Powerbreathe.

Initially I had no idea how much Powerbreathe would change my life. On a normal day I was using Ventolin or Becotide inhalers and Ventolin tablets 3 times a day, on a good day twice a day.  My January New Years Resolution 2003 was to conscientiously use my new Powerbreathe every day twice a day.  By mid February 2003 I was feeling much better and was not relying so much on medication and life was much better, in fact by Feb/March I was regularly able to go without medication for a day, sometimes days and I was enjoying life!

In the summer of 2003 we were lucky enough to be able to buy a camper van and have been using it ever since.  My medication has changed and reflects improvements in dealing with my asthma; I now use Seretide 125 with an aerochamber as and when required.

When the new Powerbreathe model came out I bought one, it is such an improvement on the original model and my health continued to improve, as you know I am now using my new Powerbreathe Fitness to help me get fit for a Sponsorship Cycle Challenge from Romania to Moldova.  In the old days although I have done some rides like the London to Brighton I could not have committed to this latest Challenge.

I am totally convinced that I am fitter and can enjoy a more enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle thanks to my Powerbreathe, I am really pleased that I picked up that leaflet all those years ago.

On many occasions when talking with people with breathing problems Powerbreathe has been recommended and I definitely know that one man immediately bought one for his wife on email.  I definitely recommend Powerbreathe – it could change your life, it did for me!

Thank you for a wonderful product.
Kind regards
David Vinall

If  POWERbreathe is helping you stay in control of your asthma or is an adjunct to your COPD treatment,  then please leave a comment and share your experience – we’d love to hear from you.

Martin Strel – Big River Man uses POWERbreathe K5

Martin StrelRecently our Duncan was on yet another trip abroad, lucky him getting to go on all these ‘jolly boy’s outings’ while we slave away at POWERbreathe HQ.

Anyway, joking aside it is all work really……

Duncan’s last trip was to Slovenia to go and see the POWERbreathe Distributor    In Tact Group.  Whilst there he was introduced to Martin Strel AKA known as Big River Man. Martin Strel is a legendary Guinness record marathon swimmer, who has always been looking for the challenges of impossible and the Amazon was the recent one. On April 7th, 2007 Martin Strel completed his epic Amazon river swim all the way from Atalaya (Peru) to the Atlantic Ocean at Belém (Brazil). He was struggling the river for 66 days for more than 10 hours a day and totally swam 5268 kms or 3274 miles. He became a wordwide hero.

We caught up with Martin in Slovenia and tested out the POWERbreathe K5 on him. Martin’s next challenge is a swim down the Grand Canyon and he will be using the POWERbreathe K5 as part of his training.  Martin is a keen user of the device and as you can see from this video he trains with his POWERbreathe while driving.

What do you think of Big River Man and his amazing challenges? Please leave us a comment below.

Martin Strel Website

Phil Bradbury – POWERbreathe has helped my breathing

I have just completed a 12 week trial with a medium resistance Powerbreathe.

I cycle or row just about every day but do not compete formally so I cannot quote figures of percentage improvement in particular events. Having said that I do push myself very hard whilst riding at the Velodrome and on some club rides which are inevitably very hilly and quite fast.

I only started using the Concept rower for some cross training about 7 months ago so I would expect my performance to improve anyway, that said each week I do a timed one hour row and each week the metres completed increases with what feels like the same effort.

My criteria of success is how I feel under high exercise effort.

As far back as I can remember I felt I ran out of breath long before I ran out of legs, it felt that my breathing had become the limiting factor. I have in the past consulted my doctor about this and had spirometer and exercise ECG tests, both showing for my age of 63 that I am very fit.  This breathing limit has been more obvious in the winter months.

I do perceive a change over the 12 week trial in that I no longer reach the point where I begin to worry that, “this time I have gone too far”, with my breathing. By accident not design the trial has been during the Autumn / Winter months.

Bottom line, I think the Powerbreathe has helped with my breathing and I will continue to use it as part of my daily routine.

Madeline Simon (MS) – The sun needs to shine more often

It’s weird how your moods and energy levels change with what the weather’s doing. I definitely need sunshine; hence the reason why Vitamin D tablets, taken on a daily basis, is one of my proactive tablets.

My POWERbreathe K3 data:



Date Level Load cmH2O   Power Watts   Volume Litres T-index %    S-Index cmH2O Flow L/s Volume Litres
09/09/11 Moderate 34 4.7 2.1 89 High 72 Average 4.2 1.8
07/10/11 Moderate 42 4.8 2.0 89 High 75 Average 4.5 1.8


You can see I had some improvement, which is good but I think I could push myself a bit harder.

One thing that is very noticeable is my ability to do my 0.5-mile swim each week. The breathing and hence, energy and power is really building and I’m not totally exhausted afterwards.

POWERbreathe Trial – Melanie Ryding Week 11: It is all about taking part

The journey to get me to this start line was way more challenging than any other race I have done. A severe head injury and 6 weeks layoff directly beforehand meant that being at this start line at all was in the balance for a long time.

I only firmly decided if I would travel about a week before hand, and was forced to set myself a whole new set of goals.

Originally, I had decided I would like a top 20 finish, managing 31’st place last year in Budapest, it seemed a reasonable ask. In actual fact, I wanted it closer to the top ten if possible, so I was forced to completely evaluate.

I spent quite some time thinking about whether I would actually get anything out of competing at all, having done no training whatsoever and still suffering from the head injury. In the end I decided I would take it as an opportunity to try a complete reverse pacing strategy. I would take it easy on the swim and bike, then see what I have left for the run. This is not what I would normally do at all, being a strong swimmer / cyclist.

Pre Race

I felt all wobbly this morning, both physically and mentally. Its torrential rain outside, and its freezing. A 4am get up was not sitting well with me, and I was regretting not bringing my own porridge, no porridge in sight in china!

We stood, freezing, in the flooded timing chip marquee watching with amusement as the Chinese swept the water out one side, only for it to flow back in another just as fast. The standing water was beginning to concern me. The Chinese roads would not be used to this volume of water. When I asked an ITU official about the danger element I was told ‘just cycle slower, we aren’t changing the race’.

Transition set up was wet and waterlogged. The only function for my purple towel was to indicicate a visual cue to me, it would not be keeping anything dry at all! Some deliberation over whether to put shoe on bike or not, put helmet upside down on bars or not… I decided just to do what I always do. Water is only water after all. I also decided to leave the union flag in transition too, having not found anyone to give it to for finish line delivery, I decided to take it myself!

We were kicked out of transition an hour before our start, so we stood freezing under the shelter of the bag drop for another hour, after a brief and minging visit to the portasqats.

Leaving it to the last possible moment before moving to the pre race pens, I spotted Richard Stannard standing nearby. I congratulated him on the Aquathlon win, and he wished me good luck for my race! Pre race warm up was almost impossible, with no shoes, and temperatures so cold. Everyone was shivering.


I was looking forward to getting started so when I was ordered to get in and the water was still 27 degrees (no where near anything like the air temperature!) it was like getting into a bath! In fact this was the warmest point in the whole race! The hysterical Chinese lady next to me made me laugh, panicking about having to get in, panicking about where and how to hold onto the pontoon, etc etc. I was positioned in the middle, not ideal, so I put on a strong start to get clear of the people around me after the hooter went off. I caught the back of the previous wave (men) and had a good time. I liked the none wet suit, you were able to work out who was around you in the water. The weedy swim exit was all gone, pretty amazing!

Mammoth run to T1, and I noticed Rossiter’s and Wood’s bike were still there. Pretty good. Clearly a non wet suit swim does me big favours. I was also in front of Penny Bulley, usually a top 5 finisher at least.


Not for long though, she soon came past me on the bike! The bike course was extremely waterlogged. I was glad I wore glasses, I almost didn’t, but it kept the spray off my face. It was very hard to race the bike course, perhaps also a little hesitation in the back of my mind too because of what has happened, I was more concerned about getting through it unscathed, which is a shame, because on a dry day, that course would have suited me well. I saw one guy crash, and then get rescued by motorbike, so I was rather wary. The biggest hazard on route was the Chinese competitors veering across the middle of the lanes, wearing ordinary pumps! I even saw a mountain bike! What on earth!?


GB Newcombe was directly in front coming into T”. I managed to focus on just me, my race. My strap line for the run ‘ham strings and tree tops’ which I tried my best to focus on throughout. I successfully managed to focus on just me, my race. A few more came past, but I was OK. I was executing my own race plan. I unfolded the union flag from inside the front of my suit as I approached the finish straight. I crossed the line, flag held high, proud that I had managed to reach the start line, after an awful run up to this race, and equally proud that I managed to execute my own race plan without getting distracted.

Result? 17th place. Better than I could ever have hoped for, all things considered.

So, next year, top ten then yes? 😉

I didnt once need my inhaler, despite the awful thick smog, in fact i still havent used it in months. Back to using the Powerbreathe regularly again (was tricky in china amongst all the pre race stuff going on) and i am ready to move to level 7 i think!




POWERbreathe Trial – Colin White Week 4: Time to reflect

Well I’m back in it again, after spending time with my friend and his family, I have learned a lot about myself and my life and also my family.

Having a friend as fit as Matt then realising that even he is not superhuman, makes me realise how lucky I am and how lucky I have been. I am also grateful for my family and friends.

Although I have taken time off from my journal, I have kept up my fitness plan and my POWERbreathe unit plays a major part in my overall fitness.

I am still using it 3 times daily for 30 breaths each time (morning, afternoon and before bed) and still train daily lifting weights, running and teaching Kickboxing.
I have recently purchased a heart rate monitor watch thing-a-me-bob, which I have been wearing daily morning through to evening and monitoring my stats throughout the day.

One thing I have noticed (which I put down to my increasing fitness, and where POWERbreathe plays a huge part) is my “resting heart beat” is 48 bpm. And my recovery after exercise is seconds (compared to my teenage years where I would be coughing for 20 mins or so, need my inhaler, and 2 days to recover).

Since my last update I have been approached by SCI-MX Nutrition to promote their products as they were impressed by my fitness and recovery, I advised my secret weapon was POWERbreathe. 😀

Breathe strong.


POWERbreathe Trial – Melanie Ryding Week 10: China here I come!

It’s been a roller coaster ride of training since I started this trial. From smooth preparations and training all going to plan, to head injury and completely housebound, and back again (almost).

It’s been six weeks since the cycling accident and I wouldn’t say I was out of the woods yet. Not by a long way. But, I am did get on that plane to China  (5th sept) to take part in the aquathlon world championships on the 7th, and the triathlon world championships on the 10th, and I will consider myself lucky to be alive and very lucky to be a least partially back to fitness and able to wear that GB suit proudly, knowing the even tougher road I have had to get to that start line.

POWERbreathe definitely seems to be quietly but steadily improving me too, and on level 6, perhaps ready to go up one to level 7, I have very rarely needed the inhaler lately.

My run coach doesn’t trust that I don’t need it though, and still always asks me to bring it to the track.

If you want to follow my progress in China you will find me on Facebook and twitter (@nuuutymel and @ryding2health). You can find the world championship coverage on http://www.Beijing.triathlon.org

I predict it to be a great elite race and am looking forward to seeing Great Britain’s Alistair Brownlee and Helen Jenkins both take the world titles (I hope!)

Melanie Ryding


Andrea Cunningham Week 17 – Less than 100 days to go!

Hello I’m back with my 17th journal!

So I’m on the count down now less than 100 days to go eeek what have I got myself into!

Well this week I’ve been pretty active, Monday I went to body attack again – I seemed to have taken a real liking to this class and I find it pretty hard so that’s probably not a bad thing!  Tuesday and Thursday I did the same, went for a 6 mile run then an hour of body balance and then an hour of body combat!  And Wednesday I went for a 4 mile run – it’s year end in work so its been pretty mental I’ve no idea how I managed to fit anything in nevermind all of that looking back!


Friday I took to easy and enjoyed some well deserved wine and good food my legs felt like lead so there was no hope of any exercise this day!!  And Saturday I then tackled 14 miles half road and half trail…this was much better than last week maybe I’m finding my motivation again…either that or fear as I run out of time until the marathon lol!


Think I am a tad behind with the running for the marathon training so hopefully I’ll be a bit more productive next week so until then folks 🙂

POWERbreathe Trial – Martin Haines Week 3: Feeling pretty good

Another interesting week. I played golf for the first time in 9 months this week and I knew about it the following 2 days! I’m in pretty good shape and biomechanically I’m pretty good too, but playing golf at these speeds of movement in the swing is hard to reproduce in a gym, so stiffness is likely when you’ve not played for a while. The interesting thing for me was the thoracic (upper back) stiffness wasn’t as bad as normal and certainly didn’t last as long. With me being asthmatic when I was a kid, my rib joints (costo-vertebral joints) are susceptible when I do any sport (especially golf) and the only reason I can give for them not being as bad as usual is using the powerbreathe. Maybe they have helped my rib joints in some way?

On another note I’m still only on level 1, so I’ve a long way to go!!!

Hope that’s OK. Is their somewhere I can go to look at them and see the others’ blogs?

Keep moving freely
CEO Intelligent Training Systems

UK Biomechanics Coaching Association

Andrea Cunningham Week 15 – Action packed week for me!

Hi everyone I’m back with my 15th journal!  Well this week has been quite productive…. Monday I went to combat class as Tuesday and Wednesday everywhere was closed.  Tuesday then I faced the rain and headed out for a 9 mile run which wasn’t too bad so much so I treated myself to a very very large glass of vino with being off work on Wednesday as well!  Unfortunately then Wednesday I was fit for nothing lol!  Thursday I was back to it did 30minutes on the cross trainer on the interval setting at quite high resistance and then half and hour on the bike and then I went to combat and balance so I was pretty wrecked when I got home!

Friday I took it easy and Saturday I faced the rain yet again and hit the pavement.  Managed twelve miles on Saturday but it was brutal it was so windy and wet my legs turned a lovely shade of purple and red!  My knee had a tiny niggle on Sunday so I didn’t do anything on Sunday at all.

My gym has started a new class this week called body attack which is supposed to be a sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. It’s supposed to be a high-energy interval training class combining athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilization exercises so I’m off to try that tonight, sounds pretty hard!!  I’ll let you how I get on next week and hopefully the rain will go away so I can get outside more