Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: Review and New Hypotheses


Failed back surgery syndrome: review and new hypotheses
Bruno Bordoni, Fabiola Marelli

Dove Medical Press published this Open Access Full Text Article from the Journal of Pain Research about Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS), asking if diaphragm dysfunction plays a bigger part in persistent chronic lower back pain than previously thought.

The commentary says that the dysfunction of the diaphragm muscle is not even considered when trying to understand the causes that lead to FBSS i.e. texts in literature do not mention the subject.

In conclusion:

The commentary concludes saying “the diaphragm itself could be a source of pain, due to the change of its proprioceptors or irritation of the phrenic nerve and the vagus nerve. If scientific research were to prove that the diaphragm muscle plays an important role in FBSS, the therapeutic approach might provide an additional step toward improving the clinical condition and quality of life in this patient population.”

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