Andrea Cunningham Week 17 – Less than 100 days to go!

Hello I’m back with my 17th journal!

So I’m on the count down now less than 100 days to go eeek what have I got myself into!

Well this week I’ve been pretty active, Monday I went to body attack again – I seemed to have taken a real liking to this class and I find it pretty hard so that’s probably not a bad thing!  Tuesday and Thursday I did the same, went for a 6 mile run then an hour of body balance and then an hour of body combat!  And Wednesday I went for a 4 mile run – it’s year end in work so its been pretty mental I’ve no idea how I managed to fit anything in nevermind all of that looking back!


Friday I took to easy and enjoyed some well deserved wine and good food my legs felt like lead so there was no hope of any exercise this day!!  And Saturday I then tackled 14 miles half road and half trail…this was much better than last week maybe I’m finding my motivation again…either that or fear as I run out of time until the marathon lol!


Think I am a tad behind with the running for the marathon training so hopefully I’ll be a bit more productive next week so until then folks 🙂