Addressing dysfunctional breathing at conference

Jessica DeMars BSc.P.T. from Breathe Naturally in Canada recently attended the Canadian Respiratory Conference, organised by the Canadian Lung Association where she submitted the poster, Addressing Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns as a Contributor to Disproportionate or Unexplained Dyspnea: A Case Series.

Here we share the poster from the authors Jessica DeMars, BSc.P.T. and Brandie Walker MD, PhD FRCPC., which included Inspiratory Muscle Training with POWERbreathe as one of the Treatment Interventions, along with a screenshot of the POWERbreathe K5 Breathe-Link Live Feedback Software showing improvements in Maximum Inspiratory Pressure and Peak Inspiratory Flow following pressure threshold inspiratory muscle training.


Breathing – your magic bullet to improved sports performance

Breathing properly could just be your magic bullet to improved sports performance and sporting achievements.

In an article about The Dangers of Dysfunctional Breathing, international performance consultant Brandon Marcello, Ph.D., MS, CSCS says, “Having improper breathing form is no different from having improper squat form.”

The article goes on to say that ‘when it comes to physical activity, breathing ineffectively can alter your performance’. Therefore breathing effectively will also alter your performance, but for the better!

POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training (IMT) exercises your breathing muscles, improving their strength and stamina, reducing fatigue which in turn enables you to train harder, for longer and with less effort which ultimately translates into improved performance.

POWERbreathe IMT has been scientifically proven to: