Occurrence of Core Muscle Fatigue During High-Intensity Running Exercise and its Limitation to Performance

“The purpose of this study was to investigate the occurrence of core muscle fatigue during high-intensity running exercise and its limitation to exercise performance. A secondary aim was to investigate whether respiratory muscle work performed during intense running periods, would contribute to core muscle fatigue.”


“Core muscle function in endurance runners subsequent to intense running to exhaustion was impaired with fatigue. With the preceded core muscle fatigue workout, the endurance capacity for performing intense running was reduced. In mimicking the respiratory responses recorded during intense running while the runners were standing upright and free from whole-body exercise, core muscle function decreased.

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Inspiratory & Core Muscle Training Enhances Running Performance

Published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: Post Acceptance: August 26, 2014.


‘Functional’ inspiratory and core muscle training enhances running performance and economy
Tong, Tomas K.; McConnell, Alison K.; Lin, Hua; Nie, Jinlei; Zhang, Haifeng; Wang, Jiayuan


“We compared the effects of two 6-week high-intensity interval training interventions. Under the control condition (CON), only interval training was undertaken, whilst under the intervention condition (ICT), interval training sessions were followed immediately by core training, which was combined with simultaneous inspiratory muscle training – ‘functional’ IMT.”


“Compared to CON, the ICT group showed larger improvements in SEPT (sport-specific endurance plank test performance), running economy at the speed of the OBLA, and 1-hr running performance (3.04% vs 1.57%, P<0.05)…

…Such findings suggest that the addition of inspiratory-loaded core conditioning into a high-intensity interval training program augments the influence of the interval program upon endurance running performance, and that this may be underpinned by an improvement in running economy.”

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