POWERbreathe user trial – Phil Bradbury: Now on my third week

Just completed the third week of using the Powerbreathe unit and here is my update 🙂 Would love your comments below.

  1. I continue to consistently carry out two sessions per day with the Powerbreathe. Still gradually moving the setting upwards and have just moved up to 4.5, at which I find it difficult to reach the full 30 breaths, so I will keep working at that.
  2. As the loading as increased I find I need to concentrate more on my breathing practice, its too easy to fall into a panting style.  To maintain good practice requires a determined effort on each breath and this has made me slow down and pay attention.
  3. Just out of interest I reset the unit down to my starting point of zero and tried a few breaths at increments back up to my current setting. Memory is unreliable but from memory it did feel as though my ability to take full breaths at the these lower setting was significantly improved.
  4. I don’t yet have a view of the effect of this training on my cycling or rowing, but I don’t think three weeks is a lot of training.

Phil Bradbury