Breathing difficulties with COPD – 5 top tips for COPD Treatment

Anyone who suffers from COPD will know that the most common and most troublesome symptom is dyspnoea, also known as shortness of breath.  As COPD progresses, shortness of breath also worsens. This has a detrimental affect on our daily activities and overall quality of life. Anyone with this respiratory condition will know how difficult it can be just going for a walk or participating in any form of exercise.various medications are available which help to a certain point with breathing. However, better breathing with COPD requires a much more comprehensive approach for COPD treatment. This includes the following:

Quit smoking

Stamping out those cigarettes is the first step to better breathing.  If you are a smoker and suffer from any respiratory condition then putting out the cigarettes can slow down progression of any respiratory disease and improve your quality of life enabling you to breathe easier. Research has shown lung function decline in COPD once a person quits smoking. Have you stamped out those cigarettes yet?

Take your medication

Most COPD medications are designed to improve your breathing and help you breathe more easily so you can live each day much more comfortably.  For this reason alone COPD medication are the backbone for COPD treatment.

Get more sleep

Tiredness is common amongst people who suffer from respiratory conditions. The constant feeling of being tired makes everything more difficult and simple things like breathing become more difficult.  It is important to get the rest needed as this is important to health and overall well being. Taking plenty of rest will help you recharge your batteries and give you more energy to breathe.

Avoid airway irritants

Long term exposure to airway irritants is a major factor causing COPD.  Once diagnosed, any further exposure to these irritants can escalate the condition and make breathing very difficult for you.  The deterrent is simple: Breathe in clean air.

Get your pulmonary rehab on

If you are looking for the highest standard of treatment for COPD then it doesn’t get any better than pulmonary rehabilitation. This treatment is beneficial for COPD patients who are in all stages of COPD – moderate through to severe. Pulmonary rehab helps to improve the quality of life of COPD sufferers.