Project POWERbreathe – a cycling talent project

Our friends in the Czech Republic, Speedweaponry, have been busy working on Project POWERbreathe – a cycling talent project. The project, with help from Speedweaponry, supports promising young athletes with POWERbreathe.

First of all the five young athletes and project founder, Radomir Simunek, each had their breathing strength and peak inspiratory flow tested and measured using the POWERbreathe K5 and Breathe-Link software. This was used as a benchmark for analysing improvement. Each was then given their own POWERbreathe Plus (MR) Level 2 so they could start their breathing training straight away.

After 5-weeks’ POWERbreathe training, all six had their breathing strength (S-Index) and peak inspiratory flow (PIF) measured again on the K5. After analysis, using the Breathe-Link software, all showed significant improvement in all respiratory parameters measured.

In addition to seeing their improvement on screen, all participants felt a difference after only a few days. They noticed it was easier to breathe during exercise and also felt they benefited from warming up their respiratory muscles prior to exercise.

You can follow the

POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training (IMT) targets your breathing muscles, strengthening them to significantly improve cycling performance and eliminate breathing fatigue.

Read more about POWERbreathe for improving cycling performance.

POWERbreathe athlete Gi Ka Man wins the ASICS Hong Kong 10K Challenge 2012

Terry Tang from Healthcare & Co., our POWERbreathe friends in Hong Kong, are delighted to share the news that their POWERbreathe athlete Gi Ka Man came first in the ASICS Hong Kong 10k Challenge on 4th November! Congratulations Gi Ka Man for a fantastic race time!

Gi Ka Man, founder and Head Coach of the Hong Kong running club, Runners Athletic Club, has been using POWERbreathe since 2009 and has been training with Professor Tong whose major area is in respiratory physiology but who also has an interest in health-related physical fitness.

Gi Ka Man is also the record holder for the Hong Kong half marathon – winning by a huge 35-second margin – 15km and 10,000km run.

Thank you Terry for sharing this wonderful news with us.

If you’ve been using POWERbreathe as part of your marathon training then we’d love to hear from you, and if you have a message for Gi Ka Man then please leave a comment here.

93-Year-Old Now Able to Inhale Medication After Using POWERbreathe K5

A physiotherapist in Brazil spoke to us of a 93-year-old patient, sadly unable to inhale medication she desperately needs for a medical issue. Paulo, her physio, explains how her breathing muscles are so weak due to her illness. Consequently, her weak breathing muscles aren’t strong enough to inhale the medication deep enough to be beneficial.

How POWERbreathe helped 93-year-old inhale medication

Quick thinking Paulo immediately set her up with the POWERbreathe K5 Inspiratory Muscle Training device. His patient began breathing in through the device on a regular basis to train her breathing muscles to become stronger. Consequently, Paulo saw improvements in her breathing strength, as the breathing load started to increase.

Breathing Load is a resistance that the patient breathes in against in order to strengthen the breathing muscles. And this load increases in increments, very gradually, according to the physiotherapist’s guidance. This task is easier, thanks to the K5 Breathe-Link Live Feedback Software. This allows the user – and in this case, the healthcare professional – to see, in real-time, the progress being made. As a result, adjustments are made based on real data, making training more manageable for the patient. Such data, useful for prescribing a training programme, includes breathing power (watts), volume (litres) and breathing energy (joules). Consequently, this paints a picture of the strength and stamina of the patient’s breathing.

Inhaling medication thanks to stronger breathing muscles

Inspiratory muscle training engages the breathing muscles, making them work harder. It’s a form of training that requires a person to breathe in forcefully against a resistance. So it’s much like any other form of progressive strength training, but for the breathing muscles. It’s this forceful breath in, and an increase in resistance, that improves the strength and stamina of the breathing muscles, reducing fatigue.

Paulo’s patient is now able to take in such a forceful breath that she now successfully inhales her prescription, helping to improve the symptoms of her medical condition.

POWERbreathe activities in the Czech Republic

Over in the Czech Republic our POWERbreathe distributors for the Czech Republic & Slovakia (Truconnexion) had a booth at a cycling marathon event in Teplice with 450 racers on Saturday 11th August where they did demo’s with the K5 and also held a competition for the highest test score with the POWERbreathe challenge. The highest score was 184 cmH2O for the men and 93 cmH2O for the women. Please see pictures attached.

Also these guys did a promotion with the Eurosport channel throughout the Olympics where someone had the chance to win a POWERbreathe Plus every day for answering the questions correctly.

Check out their website

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Asia Susmanek, POWERbreathe user, has become vice national champion in Ironman 70.3

Asia SusmanekOur POWERbreathe friends and distributors in Poland, Klubben International, have been in touch with some fantastic news!

Their POWERbreathe sponsored athlete, Asia Susmanek, has only been participating in triathlons for less than 2 years.

Asia has been using POWERbreathe for about one year and has been delighted with the improvements in her breathing strength and stamina.

She recently competed in the Panasonic Evolta Triathlon in Borowno, Ironman 70.3 (1st place), Triathlon Sierakow, Ironman 70.3 and the Herbalife Susz Triathlon, Ironman 70.3 (national championship) where she finished in a fantastic 2nd place in each.

Thanks Klubben International for sharing this great news, and please pass on our congratulations to Asia Susmanek for such incredible results!

If you’re using POWERbreathe as part of your triathlon training, then please leave a comment here as we’d love to read of how and when you incorporate it.

POWERbreathe works out on the beach as part of Luca Piancastelli’s Walking Program

You may remember not long ago the video of 60 people using 60 POWERbreathes on 60 treadmills at the Rimini Wellness Expo, as part of Luca Piancastelli’s Walking Program®. 

Well Luca and Alessandra recently held an outdoor Walking Program on the beach in Sardinia, and our friends in Italy, Italian POWERbreathe distributors Alphamed, provided everyone with a POWERbreathe (and hygienic filter) for the day.

WATCH A VIDEO of the people taking part in the Walking Program® on the beautiful sands of Sardinia – looks good fun, and a fantastic venue!

Alphamed presents POWERbreathe at Rimini Wellness Expo

Alphamed, our POWERbreathe distributors in Italy will be presenting POWERbreathe at the seventh Rimini Wellness Expo 10 – 13th May 2012.

Alphamed have been talking with Luca Piancastelli, personal trainer and creator of a new method of training called Walking Program®, about incorporating POWERbreathe into his Walking Program® for additional benefits.

The Walking Program® is a program for people who are embarking on a fitness regimen for the first time and is a structured workout that takes place on the treadmill, to music – a choreographed treadmill workout. POWERbreathe would make an ideal addition, helping participants develop their breathing strength and stamina to maximise their workout.

Luca Piancastelli’s Walking Program® incorporating POWERbreathe is scheduled in the events program on each of the 4 days.

So a big thank you to Alphamed and Luca Piancastelli, and if you’re one of those taking part in the Walking Program® please tell us what you thought by leaving a comment here.

Analysis of the use of POWERbreathe by mountain runners – by Biolaster

Image courtesy of

Our friends and distributor in Spain, Biolaster, recently sponsored three athletes with a POWERbreathe.  The intention was to analyse the use and results of two male runners and one female runner who’re all experienced in mountain races.  The results showed an improvement in spirometric values and better respiratory sensations, especially in situations of high intensity exercise.

Although it cannot be considered a clinical trial, it became clear that POWERbreathe had a positive effect on the runners.

Here’s a synopsis of the test, roughly translated:

POWERbreathe is a device that aims to enhance and improve the capacity and respiratory mechanics, both in people who play sports, as in people with breathing trouble, as well as amateur athletes, amateur and high performance.
The Internet site of Mountain Corridor has conducted a test of use and results of the POWERbreathe, for which three experienced mountain runners have made the typical inspiratory training, consisting of 30 breaths 2 times daily for a period of 4-6 weeks.

Trail runners who participated in this study underwent spirometry on the same day that started with training your breathing POWERbreathe, worked for 4-6 weeks at two daily sessions of 30 breaths, each starting with a very basic level (level 1) increasing it gradually to the course of the week at higher levels.

After this training period, the 3 collaborators, were again subjected to spirometry, achieving this objective data reflected in these results:In 2 of them achieved a 5% improvement in the results (the brand speaks of a performance improvement between 4 and 5%) of these simple breathing tests (spirometry), and the other was affected by a cold that undermined the results.

Regarding the perception of the runners who took the test, all 3 agreed on the good feelings and perceptions of improvement in carrying out the breath, especially in situations where the pace is higher.

Objectively, and although this was not a clinical trial with many samples, it appears that the opinion of these 3 runners on POWERbreathe has been positive, and although improvements are not spectacular (we know that in life there are no miracles) it seems that with perseverance and POWERbreathe we can beat a bit of performance, and especially (and most important) to the good feeling breath when we run down the mountain.

Link to Full Test by Mountain Corridor

We’d like to thank Biolaster for sharing this news with us, from all at POWERbreatheUK.

If you’ve used POWERbreathe to improve running performance or altitude training then please leave a comment here, as we’d love to hear from you.

POWERbreathe Czech Distributor at Mallorca Training Camp 2012

Mallorca Training CampFor many years, Majorca (Mallorca) has been the place to go for winter and early spring cycling. Countless professionals and cycling enthusiasts flock to this beautiful island off the Mediterranean Coast of Spain. Long a favorite among European cyclists,  over the last years the island has seen more and more North American cyclists.

This year our Czech POWERbreathe distributor Aleš Zárybnický went to the training camp and demnonstrated the POWERbreathe device and showed the riders just how effective POWERbreathe is for inspiratory muscle training. Here are some photos of POWERbreathe users at the recent Mallorca Training Camp, and as expected, POWERbreathe users showed the best results.

Thanks Aleš for sharing these photos with us!

POWERbreathe at Mallorca Training Camp 2012

POWERbreathe UK welcomes our international family to the UK

Well it has been a very busy week here at POWERbreathe Towers. Everyone has been having a big Spring Clean and getting rid of clutter on desks so it all looks nice and tidy for the big meeting next week.

Next week we welcome our international family of distributors to POWERbreathe Towers from Australia to Taiwan. For three days we will be showcasing the benefits of POWERbreathe. We welcome 36 friends from 20 countries to spend 3 days with us at the glorious Warwick Castle and surrounding grounds.

There will be plenty to do including learning sessions about POWERbreathe, participation is sports specific exercises as well as a tour of the beautiful Warwick Castle. POWERbreathe UK can’t wait to meet everyone.

So it will be a busy 3 days but don’t worry we will be reporting the goings on at the castle by posting regular updates on the POWERbreathe Facebook page.

Have a good weekend everyone and keep going with the breathing training. Remember 30 breaths twice daily!