Dr Langer and POWERbreathe IMT in Japan

POWERbreathe International Ltd and Entry Japan KK, our official distributor partner, recently welcomed Dr Daniel Langer from Leuven University Hospital to Japan.

More About Dr Langer

Dr Langer is a member of the academic and teaching staff for the Research Group for Rehabilitation in Internal Disorders at KU Leuven University. It is the largest and highest-ranking university in Belgium. And last month he took time away from his academic and research commitments to travel to Japan to present Inspiratory Muscle Training at medical and sports workshops.

Langer’s Respiratory Research

Dr Langer is a member of Professor Rik Gosselink’s team, working on research projects for the Respiratory Rehabilitation Research Unit at KU Leuven. In fact, Dr Langer, under the supervision of Professor Gosselink, researched The effects of resistance training of the inspiratory muscles in patients with COPD. This is a multicentre study that investigates the effects of inspiratory muscle training in addition to pulmonary rehabilitation on exercise-related outcomes, symptoms and physical activity in patients with COPD.

Dr Langer is currently researching respiratory muscle training in chronic and acute respiratory conditions. As a result, his workshops in Japan were extremely well attended.

Respiratory workshops

Respiratory Workshops

It is through these workshops that Dr Langer shares his extensive knowledge and experience. This is in the area of Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) / Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT). Each of the workshops is very well attended with delegates showing much interest in learning more about IMT/RMT.

National Olympics Memorial Center, Tokyo

Here Daniel Langer presents a one day Sports Science Seminar to 75 delegates.  View photo album

Japan Society for Respiratory Care & Rehabilitation

This two-day conference in Sendai is the 27th Annual Meeting of the society. Most noteworthy is that it welcomed almost 1000 delegates over the two days. View photo album

Tokyo University

The university welcomes Daniel Langer to over 50 delegates as he presented his IMT workshop. View photo album

Since his return, Dr Langer is already initiating some interesting collaborations based on the results of his visit. In addition, we will continue our commitment to supporting the research conducted at KU Leuven University. And it goes without saying, that we are very grateful and proud for his support of POWERbreathe IMT/RMT.

Staff floored by POWERbreathe in Portugal

Lying on the floor giggling, Claudia is having a lesson in diaphragmatic breathing from fellow team member Pedro. Claudia and Pedro are members of team POWERbreathe Portugal, and Duncan from POWERbreathe UK popped over to visit them.

Pedro is a singer and so understands the importance of breathing properly from the diaphragm. It’s a concept he talks to sports people about.

POWERbreathe in Portugal

Claudia, from South Portugal, Pedro and Jose also invite Sonia, from North Portugal into the office to meet up with Duncan. Duncan is there to provide CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training and other Better Breathing solutions by POWERbreathe. It is a commitment we make to all our distributors. The purpose is to update skills and knowledge in order to remain professionally competent in the area of respiratory.

Day 1 – Perafita

Today is a training day for respiratory experts Sonia and Claudia. However POWERbreathe IMT is a new therapy for Sonia so Duncan begins by explaining the evidence base supporting it.

Day 2 – Porto

On day 2 the team all visit two hospitals in the region of Porto.

The first visit is to Hospital Eduardo Santos Silva, after which they visit Hospital Da Senhora Da Oliveira – Guimarães. It’s here a group of doctors and physios decide it would be beneficial to have a POWERbreathe KH2 with Breathe-Link Medic Live Feedback Software for the hospital itself, and one for each of their 5 regional centres.

Day 3 – Lisbon

The first visit of the day is to Hospital Beatriz Angelo, a large, private hospital in Lisbon. The team meet senior managers and the physio team to discuss the benefits of POWERbreathe Respiratory Muscle Training.

At the second hospital the team are met by a large group of very enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff who became very excited with the workings of the KH2.

Third visit of the day is to a new, private respiratory and pulmonary rehab centre. Most noteworthy is that it’s the only one in Portugal. And as a result of our visit, the centre expressed an interest in using the KH2 with Breathe-Link Medic Live Feedback Software along with with a POWERbreathe Plus IMT device for specific patients.

See photos of POWERbreathe in Portugal on POWERbreatheUK Facebook.

Christmas 2016 – Last Posting Dates

The last despatch date for delivery in time for Christmas 2016 will be 22nd December. (Orders must be placed before 2pm).

We will try our best to get all orders placed before 19th December delivered before Christmas.

Please visit our delivery partners for last posting dates for delivery before Christmas for further information.

Our offices will be closed:
23rd December – 2nd January 2017 inclusive

Any orders placed during this time will be despatched on the 3rd and 4th of January.

We’d like to thank you for all your support throughout 2016 and wish you a very Happy and Healthy 2017.

Rio Gold Medal Winner Uses POWERbreathe

Robson Conceição is Brazil’s first Olympic boxing gold medalist, winning at this year’s Rio Olympics. And he is using POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT).

Why Conceição began boxing

As a child Robson Conceição took to fighting with other children on the streets of Salvador. His uncle is an ex-street fighter and is known as one of the bravest street fighters. Conceição wished to improve his fighting skills and so a friend began teaching him boxing techniques. It’s thanks to a social project in Salvador that Conceição took the decision to stop street fighting and start boxing instead. He could then see it as a way of life.

Conceição is an Olympic champion

Robson is having more success than his previous Olympic appearances in Beijing and London. He is fighting in the lightweight boxing weight class. And this year he made history at the Rio Olympics in Brazil. Robson is Brazil’s First Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist.

POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training

Robson Conceição is training his inspiratory muscles with POWERbreathe under the guidance of Brazilian physiotherapist, Mateus Esquivel. It will improve his breathing strength and stamina when fighting. It also helps to improve his general fitness without exerting his body any more than his sparring sessions do. POWERbreathe IMT is also beneficial in speeding up his recovery between bouts of fighting.

POWERbreathe for recovery

Conceição performs a recovery breathing set by using his POWERbreathe IMT on a lower setting. This training speeds up lactate clearance more effectively than a traditional recovery. Researchers in Brazil have found that breathing against a small inspiratory load straight after exercise reduces lactate by 16%. And it’s quick. When using POWERbreathe for recovery, after just 5-minutes lactate concentration is the same as that found after 15 minutes of passive recovery.


We are sending our congratulations to Brazil’s First Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist, Robson Conceição! We also would like to thank Mateus Esquivel for supporting Robson throughout his breathing training.

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POWERbreathe helps Aussie athletes on their road to Rio 2016

Exercise physiologist James Fletcher from the Gold Coast has pioneered an exercise programme using POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training that will strengthen the breathing muscles of athletes heading to the Rio Olympics.

Using the POWERbreathe K5 the Australian athletes exercise their inspiratory muscles by breathing in against the scientifically calibrated, adaptable and variable load that makes it harder for the athlete to breathe in. This training strengthens their breathing muscles in the same way that dumbbells strengthen the muscles in the arms, with the weight of the dumbbells increased over time.

The Breathe-Link Live Feedback software for the K5 also plays a major part in the improvement of the athlete’s breathing as they’re able to see instantly their breathing technique and make adjustments so that they get the most benefit. The software also enables James to monitor and assess progress, adapting his programme and tailoring it to each individual athlete.

With strengthened inspiratory muscles comes improved stamina and reduced fatigue and ultimately therefore, improved performance. As James says,

“In a nutshell we’re taking the breathing muscles to the gym.”

James has been working with 3 x Commonwealth Games gold medal winner, swimmer Thomas Fraser-Holmes who’s been attending this specialised POWERbreathe breathing programme for 6 months now saying,

“What I’ve noticed, probably the biggest thing in my swimming, is being able to get that oxygen in a lot quicker and a lot easier.”

James Fletcher’s POWERbreathe breathing programme also benefits athletes in other ways, including anxiety before a race, which he talks more about in this article from ABC News Network. Watch ABC’s video interview with James to find out more.

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Commendation for POWERbreathe Hungary

Congratulations to our POWERbreathe distributor in Hungary who have just been awarded a commendation declaring their quality as a medical device distributor. The award commends them on achieving a high level of customer satisfaction and reliability. POWERbreathe Hungary are experts in POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) and have been active in presenting POWERbreathe IMT and Shaker mucus clearance devices by POWERbreathe at numerous medical events to the medical profession. Thanks to POWERbreathe Hungary the original POWERbreathe Medic has been approved for prescription in Hungary and the medical committee of the Hungarian Olympic Committee (Magyar Olimpiai Bizottság – MOB) has recommended POWERbreathe IMT to athletes as part of their athletic training. Also, because POWERbreathe IMT is drug-free, the Hungarian Anti-Doping Group have also shown their support for its use, and the sport secretary of state for the Hungarian Ministry is now aware of the benefits of POWERbreathe IMT and has assigned POWERbreathe testing to the field of Sports Science and Diagnostic Centre, located in the National Sports Centre. This is a wonderful achievement and POWERbreathe International Limited is very proud to include them as part of our POWERbreathe family. Visit POWERbreathe Hungary > View document (large) >

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Reliability of K-Series for Assessing Pulmonary Function in Post-Stroke Patients


Reliability of an Electronic Inspiratory Loading Device for Assessing Pulmonary Function in Post-Stroke Patients

Kyeong-Bong Lee, Min-Kyu Kim, Ju-Ri Jeong, Wan-Hee Lee

This recently published clinical research undertaken at the Graduate School of Physical Therapy, Sahmyook University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, was to examine the inter- and intra-rater reliability of an electronic inspiratory loading device for the assessment of pulmonary functions: maximum inspiratory pressure, peak inspiratory flow, and vital capacity.

Maximum inspiratory pressure, peak inspiratory flow, and vital capacity for pulmonary functions were assessed using an electronic inspiratory loading device – the POWERbreathe K5 with Breathe-Link Live Feedback software.


After assessment the researchers concluded, “The intra- and inter-examiner reliability of the pulmonary function measurements, maximum inspiratory pressure, peak inspiratory flow, and vital capacity, for the post-stroke patients was very high. The results suggest that the electronic inspiratory loading device would be useful for clinical rehabilitative assessment of pulmonary function.”

Read the full research paper, Reliability of an Electronic Inspiratory Loading Device for Assessing Pulmonary Function in Post-Stroke Patients

Breathing Pattern Disorder Course, Bangalore

RECOUP Hospital in Bangalore have conducted a post-graduate course for Rehabilitation and Pain Physicians, Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists entitled ”The Palette of Breath” – Breath Support for movement, function, performance and expression in health and disease.

The course focused on evaluation and treatment of breathing pattern disorders (BPD, musculoskeletal pain, musculoskeletal dysfunction and hyperventilation syndrome), as well as secondary lung dysfunction (Stroke, Spinal Cord Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, LMN disorders (Myasthenia Gravis, ALS), Spine surgeriesa and Arthroplasties).

As part of the course, respiratory muscle function evaluation and treatment were addressed. Supporting this part of the course Uri and colleagues from POWERbreathe Israel along with Mr Sanil Simon and colleagues from POWERbreathe India organised and conducted a POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training workshop, as can be seen in the photos.

Ms. Irena Paiuk, MscPT, BPT, Cert., expert in respiratory and breathing dysfunction disorders at Asaf Harofe MC, TAU, said of the POWERbreathe workshop,

“I would like to thank POWERbreathe representatives in Israel and in Bangalore for their kind support in organizing and conducting a workshop in RECOUP Hospital, Bangalore, this summer… This kind of collaboration is very helpful to health professionals! Thanks POWERbreathe.”

POWERbreathe For Vocalists

POWERbreathe Japan have been supporting several singers with POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training to help them breathe more deeply, control their breath and sustain forceful breathing.

Artists who’ll be undertaking their POWERbreahte Inspiratory Muscle Training include singer-songwriters Chika Takahashi and UKO (Yuko), and vocalists Daisuke and Nona.

Each artist has their own unique style of singing but each vocalist will benefit from POWERbreathe IMT.

Chika Takahashi

Chika, a beautifully soft-voiced neo-acoustic singer has been using POWERbreathe since last year and began using it two-weeks prior to a live performance, afterwards saying how comfortable her breathing was during the performance. She now uses it on a daily basis and takes it with her to all live performances so she can perform a vocal warm-up prior to going on-stage.

You can see Chika talking about POWERbreathe on YouTube >


Daisuke, a versatile singer with a reputation for a powerful falsetto voice has not long started POWERbreathe training.

He says that because you can’t actually see your breathing muscles you don’t think about training them, but after using POWERbreathe he felt immediately how much stronger they would become.


Nona is a percussionist and vocalist and therefore not only has to have enough breathing stamina to sing, but also to drum at the same time, so her breathing will fatigue quite quickly. By using POWERbreathe daily she will improve her breathing strength and stamina and reduce her breathing fatigue.

UKO (Yuko)

UKO has a mellow and soulful voice, and in 2014 her single “Signal” was nominated for the ‘JBS Music Award’. She’s a very energetic singer and realises how important it is that her breathing muscles are strong in order for her to maintain her energy. POWERbreathe IMT will help her with this as she’ll be training her breathing muscles twice a day to become stronger and more resistant to fatigue.

Find out more about POWERbreathe for vocalists in Japan >

POWERbreathe Australia Launches!

A new POWERbreathe website has launched in Australia, developed and designed by our Australian POWERbreathe friends and distributor, for their community of sports people with an interest in improving their performance.

Australian Kayaker Jordan Wood, Kayaker/Surf Lifesaver Alyce Burnett and Ironwoman Harriet Brown are already Ambassadors and advocates of POWERbreathe, and the new website should help others understand the benefits of inspiratory muscle training and help them take the first step towards improving their breathing strength and stamina, and ultimately their performance.

“Aside from strengthening respiratory muscles to be able to hold a greater VO2 max I believe it [POWERbreathe] also allows the airways to be less reactive to EIA stimuli. Quite simply there is no reasonable difference in training the muscles that push the pedals to those that pump the air”, said professional cyclist Rachel Neylan.

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) collaborated with the Australian Sports Commission to identify six megatrends likely to shape the Australian sports sector over the next 30 years, with individualised sport and fitness activities on the rise and at the top. This means that people are fitting sport into their increasingly busy and time-limited lifestyles to achieve personal health objectives, and this is where POWERbreathe can help, with its time-efficient training of just 30 breaths twice a day, taking about 5-minutes!