ERS 2018 – POWERbreathe KH2

This year the ERS International Congress is being held in Paris, France. The ERS 2018 (European Respiratory Society) Congress is the world’s biggest meeting of respiratory experts. It is of interest to researchers, clinicians, GPs and healthcare professionals. Furthermore, it provides a scientific and educational programme in respiratory medicine.

ERS 2018

ERS is expecting over 22,000 delegates. They all have the common goal of improving respiratory health across the world; not just Europe. For that reason, it provides hands-on sessions and seminars, as well as, scientific evidence and new medical equipment and devices.

Respiratory Products at ERS 2018

The ERS International Congress includes an official exhibition. In fact, while attending the Congress, over 87% of the delegates will visit this area. The reason being, this is where medical suppliers demonstrate new products and share information, such as new research studies.

POWERbreathe International Ltd. will be exhibiting in Booth G.03. Here delegates will be able to find out more about the POWERbreathe KH2 with Breathe-Link Medic Live Feedback Software.

POWERbreathe KH2

This electronic device delivers ‘gold standard’ respiratory muscle training. Furthermore, it provides instant monitoring and feedback analysis of patients with dyspnoea. Consequently, it is beneficial to patients with COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, heart disease, neuromuscular disease, Parkinson’s disease and spinal injury.

The KH2 features a Quality Control MIP test to ensure repeatable Maximum Inspiratory Pressure results. It does this by recording the maximum value of three manoeuvres that vary by less than 20%.

The Breathe-Link Medic Live Feedback Software captures, organises and stores data and analysis of a patient’s respiratory muscles’ performance.

Exclusive Offer for ERS 2018

Attendees at this year’s Congress who visit the POWERbreathe booth will receive an exclusive offer. Please visit our Booth C10 to find out more. Terms and Conditions apply.

Dr Langer and POWERbreathe IMT in Japan

POWERbreathe International Ltd and Entry Japan KK, our official distributor partner, recently welcomed Dr Daniel Langer from Leuven University Hospital to Japan.

More About Dr Langer

Dr Langer is a member of the academic and teaching staff for the Research Group for Rehabilitation in Internal Disorders at KU Leuven University. It is the largest and highest-ranking university in Belgium. And last month he took time away from his academic and research commitments to travel to Japan to present Inspiratory Muscle Training at medical and sports workshops.

Langer’s Respiratory Research

Dr Langer is a member of Professor Rik Gosselink’s team, working on research projects for the Respiratory Rehabilitation Research Unit at KU Leuven. In fact, Dr Langer, under the supervision of Professor Gosselink, researched The effects of resistance training of the inspiratory muscles in patients with COPD. This is a multicentre study that investigates the effects of inspiratory muscle training in addition to pulmonary rehabilitation on exercise-related outcomes, symptoms and physical activity in patients with COPD.

Dr Langer is currently researching respiratory muscle training in chronic and acute respiratory conditions. As a result, his workshops in Japan were extremely well attended.

Respiratory workshops

Respiratory Workshops

It is through these workshops that Dr Langer shares his extensive knowledge and experience. This is in the area of Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) / Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT). Each of the workshops is very well attended with delegates showing much interest in learning more about IMT/RMT.

National Olympics Memorial Center, Tokyo

Here Daniel Langer presents a one day Sports Science Seminar to 75 delegates.  View photo album

Japan Society for Respiratory Care & Rehabilitation

This two-day conference in Sendai is the 27th Annual Meeting of the society. Most noteworthy is that it welcomed almost 1000 delegates over the two days. View photo album

Tokyo University

The university welcomes Daniel Langer to over 50 delegates as he presented his IMT workshop. View photo album

Since his return, Dr Langer is already initiating some interesting collaborations based on the results of his visit. In addition, we will continue our commitment to supporting the research conducted at KU Leuven University. And it goes without saying, that we are very grateful and proud for his support of POWERbreathe IMT/RMT.

POWERbreathe on World Asthma Day 2015

World Asthma Day is an annual event organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to improve asthma awareness and care around the world. World Asthma Day 2015 takes place on Tuesday, May 5th, and will have the theme “You Can Control Your Asthma.”

For this special awareness day POWERbreathe would like to help you take control of your asthma by offering a special discount of 10% on the day (5th May), off each POWERbreathe Medic Inspiratory Muscle Training device (breathing muscle training):

Enter PROMO CODE: WAD at checkout to get your discount.

Why POWERbreathe?

In randomised, controlled trials on mild to moderate patients with asthma, POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training (IMT) increased inspiratory muscle strength by an average of 11% in just 3 weeks1.

Inspiratory muscle training has been shown to relieve the symptoms of asthma by improving lung function, resulting in a reduction of medication by patients and a fall in hospitalisations2.

Asthma patients experience a reduction in difficult, laboured breathing such as shortness of breath, after as little as 3 weeks’ POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training (IMT)1, as well as improvements in quality of life.

And in laboratory studies and randomised controlled trials, inspiratory muscle training was shown to generate:

  • A reduction in the consumption of asthma medication of up to 79%2
  • A reduction of ß2-agonists consumption by up to 79%2
  • An improvement in asthma symptoms by up to 75% in 3 weeks1

9% of people with asthma use complementary therapies for their asthma3

POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training is a clinically-proven method of reducing your asthma symptoms. It can be used alongside your regular asthma medicine as it is drug-free and has no side effects or drug interactions: just speak to your GP or asthma nurse.

1 Inspiratory muscle training improves lung function and reduces exertional dyspnoea in mild/moderate asthmatics

2 lnspiratory Muscle Training in Patients with Bronchial Asthma

3 Asthma UK (2012)

Please leave a comment if you have asthma and are already using POWERbreathe as it may help others to understand how it could prove beneficial to them too. Thank you.

Addressing dysfunctional breathing at conference

Jessica DeMars BSc.P.T. from Breathe Naturally in Canada recently attended the Canadian Respiratory Conference, organised by the Canadian Lung Association where she submitted the poster, Addressing Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns as a Contributor to Disproportionate or Unexplained Dyspnea: A Case Series.

Here we share the poster from the authors Jessica DeMars, BSc.P.T. and Brandie Walker MD, PhD FRCPC., which included Inspiratory Muscle Training with POWERbreathe as one of the Treatment Interventions, along with a screenshot of the POWERbreathe K5 Breathe-Link Live Feedback Software showing improvements in Maximum Inspiratory Pressure and Peak Inspiratory Flow following pressure threshold inspiratory muscle training.


Royal Marine passes fitness test with help from POWERbreathe

At the Triathlon Show we recently attended in London (February 2015), we were delighted when a visitor to the stand shared a very personal and positive story with us.

In 1998 / 1999 the gentleman in question had applied to take the Royal Marines fitness test but unfortunately didn’t pass on that occasion.

Determined to pass the fitness test, he went away to assess how he could become fit enough to take it again and came across POWERbreathe which he immediately incorporated into his training regimen.

After about 3-months’ training with his POWERbreathe, he re-took the test and as he says in this short video, “aced the test”.


The Potential Royal Marines Course (PRMC) and Potential Officers Course (POC) are among the toughest initial trainings of any elite force in the world. But before recruits make it through to these courses they need to pass the Royal Marines Pre Joining Fitness Test which involves two runs of 1.5 miles (2.4 km) each with the treadmill set at a 2% incline. To pass they need to do the first run in under 12 minutes 30 seconds and then complete the second 2.4km run immediately afterwards in less than 10 minutes (regardless of age). So you can see how tough it is to pass the test!

Energy and stamina are required if recruits are to get through, and this is where POWERbreathe can help. Because a recruit will be asking more from their muscles, their body will demand more oxygen to provide more energy to their muscles. To cope with this extra demand, their breathing will increase and their circulation will speed up as it needs to take the oxygen as quickly as possible to their fiercely working muscles. This will naturally leave a recruit out of breath and potentially feeling fatigued early, hindering their chance of finishing the test in the time allowed.

POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) trains these breathing muscles to become stronger, enabling recruits to draw in more air, filling the useable area of their lungs to their fullest capacity, giving them the strength and stamina to perform at their best.

Read more about POWERbreathe for Armed Forces here.


POWERbreathe at Triathlon Show 2015

The UK’s largest Triathlon Show took place 12th – 15th February 2015 at Excel, London and received over 50,000 visitors.

There were over 300 brands and stands, all with the focus on improving performance in the world of swimming, cycling and running, helping triathletes prepare for their next triathlon.

POWERbreathe was there and we talked to may triathletes about how POWERbreathe IMT can help them overcome breathing effort, when their lungs are subjected to huge demands in each of the three disciplines.

We also met a young gentleman named Ryan Steer who was interested in POWERbreathe for his friend Lee Cairns who’s currently training for a trip to Everest Base camp which he’s reaching on a hand cycle. We were very pleased to be able to help Ryan select the most appropriate model for his friend, and we’d like to send Lee best wishes for his challenge.

We’ve also since heard from another visitor to the show, Alan Newman, who popped over to our stand and, as he put it, put his lungs through their paces! Alan left a comment on our Facebook page saying he was excited to be starting his POWERbreathe training tonight. We’re excited too and hope Alan will come back to us and share his news.


POWERbreathe for Triathletes at Brownlee Tri North 2014

We’re very excited as we prepare for the Brownlee Tri North taking place on Sunday 21st September.

POWERbreathe will be at Harewood House near Leeds where the Tour de France raced earlier this year. The event is for every level of triathlete, from first-timers to seasoned triathletes, but whatever your level, POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) offers you the chance to improve your Personal Best.

As a triathlete you’ll know that training is your best path to victory, but if you’re neglecting to train one area of your system that’s essential to help you along that path, your respiratory system, then your breathing could just let you down. It’s one area of training that’s often not thought about, yet breathing strength is as important as physical strength.

POWERbreathe provides a shortcut to training your inspiratory muscles as it directly targets the muscles used to inhale, primarily the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, and can provide a drug-free performance boost to your swimming performance, cycling performance and running performance.

Training your breathing muscles for triathlon is beneficial for several reasons:

Firstly, during your swim, your breathing is challenged right from the start, as you need to inhale as much oxygen as possible in the shortest possible time in order to return you to the optimal position for generating propulsive force.

Secondly, the very nature of the hunched position you adopt for the best aerodynamics during the cycling stage compresses the contents of your abdomen up against your diaphragm, restricting your breathing.

It may also surprise you to know that studies have suggested that these respiratory impairments brought on during the cycling stage carry over into your run, impairing your performance.

And thirdly, during the running stage your breathing is already pushed to its limits yet it has to sustain you through this final stage, but your breathing muscles are having to undertake additional work, stabilizing you with every foot strike as you run. It’s no wonder you start to feel fatigued.

Research shows that this fatigue occurring in your inspiratory muscles results not only in uncomfortable intense breathlessness, but it can also be responsible for diverting blood away from your other working muscles (arms and legs), impairing their performance. However when you use POWERbreathe and subject your inspiratory muscles to an appropriate training resistance, they will adapt, increasing their strength, power and stamina.

Read more about why you should consider including POWERbreathe IMT as part of your triathlon training, or if you’re already using POWERbreathe, then please leave a comment here or on the POWERbreathe Forum, Facebook or Twitter. You can also read more about using POWERbreathe in triathlon training on our Blog.

ActiBreathe Workshops, Seoul – Day 1

Firstly, what is ActiBreathe?

ActiBreathe by POWERbreathe is the only fitness-training programme to combine the benefits of POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training with body conditioning exercises to build your strength, stamina, flexibility and aerobic fitness all in one workout. It was developed to provide time-efficient workouts that would quickly improve physical fitness and stamina, while at the same time strengthen your heart and lungs, not only to improve your long-term fitness but also long-term health.

ActiBreathe’s uniqueness and adaptability make it ideal for individuals at all levels of fitness, and for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals to quickly and easily share with their clients. It incorporates POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training only at the most optimum times, intensifying the effects of a specific exercise and adding resistance to your breathing. Because every POWERbreathe model in the Classic Series, Plus Series and K-Series offer adjustable training resistances, you’re able to train at the right level for you, and still progress through the resistances as your breathing strength improves, and as your stamina improves from ActiBreathe’s multidisciplinary approach to health, fitness and exercise.

ActiBreathe launched in Seoul

On Friday 20th June 2014 POWERbreathe and International ActiBreathe Master Trainer Jon Trevor met up with our POWERbreathe friends in South Korea, Apsun Inc. in Seoul, to launch a one-day ActiBreathe Master Trainer Workshop to a group of 40 Fitness Professionals, followed by two day-long practical ActiBreathe Workshops.

Apsun Inc. organized the ActiBreathe launch, hiring a private room at a gym and a variety of fitness equipment for the various ActiBreathe workstations. We are very grateful to them for their generous hospitality and for such a rewarding, memorable and mutually beneficial experience. Thank you.

Day One – Master Trainer Workshop

Well what a magnificent turnout! A wonderfully enthusiastic group of 40 Fitness Professionals arrived willing and eager to learn more about this revolutionary and exciting programme that has been bubbling away in the Far East.

The workshop began by explaining the theory behind IMT and ActiBreathe, with Professor Hong-Chan providing a very valuable role as interpreter while also demonstrating the ActiBreathe exercises. We thank him most sincerely for his invaluable help in making the workshop such a success.

The ActiBreathe Master Trainer Workshop for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals teaches the science behind POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT); how to use POWERbreathe and how it works; how POWERbreathe IMT benefits health and fitness; how POWERbreathe combined with sport-specific exercises can improve performance in that sport; how and when to utilise POWERbreathe during an exercise; and how a combination of exercises can be adapted using POWERbreathe in conjunction with everyday fitness accessories and equipment to achieve an ‘ActiBreathe’ Workout.

ActiBreathe’s fresh approach to health, fitness and exercise was clearly welcomed by the group who were attentive throughout yet eager to get started on the actual physical workshop as they learned more about the ActiBreathe workstations during the workshop.

You can view the ActiBreathe Day 1 Master Trainer Workshop photo album on Facebook and some video clips of the day on the POWERbreatheUK Channel.

You can also now join the International ActiBreathe Movement group on Facebook – an exclusive group for ActiBreathe Pro Fitness Fans around the Globe, members of which receive and share news, views and the very latest training facts from the world of ActiBreathe. The group is managed by Jon Trevor, Celebrity Trainer and ActiBreathe International Master Trainer for ActiBreathe.

NEXT: ActiBreathe Workshops in Seoul Day 2 – Coming Soon!

POWERbreathe and The Arthrogryposis Group

In April we were honoured to be asked by Emma Foden, Sport Scientist and Personal Trainer in disability sport, to talk to the charity, The Arthrogryposis Group at one of their summer events. Each event showcases different health, wellbeing and lifestyle opportunities that are available to them under the banner of Moving and Grooving with Otto; Otto being the charity’s mascot. Naturally we were delighted to be asked and agreed to assist at the event.

The Arthrogryposis Group is a UK based charity for those affected by Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita which causes curved joints in parts of the body.

The event we attended was the first in their calendar and took place on the 5th April at Uppingham School, Leicester. It was a ‘Swim Big Meet’ where the focus was to encourage people to swim more as a leisure activity as it helps to mobilise joints, activate muscles and improve cardiovascular strength.

During the event POWERbreathe provided a 30 – 45 minute presentation about the benefits of Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) as well as a demonstration of how POWERbreathe works. The importance of stronger breathing muscles for people affected by Arthrogryposis was brought home to us when we heard about a lady who’d been affected so much by this condition that she didn’t have enough air in her lungs to be able to speak.Thankfully POWERbreathe was there to offer her hope…

Because the lungs aren’t a muscle, they rely on the muscles surrounding them for their expansion and contraction. It’s this supporting structure that you need to strengthen and condition in order to appreciate proper, full breathing. So, by using POWERbreathe to exercise her breathing muscles, this lady will be strengthening her lungs’ supporting structure and improving her vital capacity, the usable portion of her lungs.

The day started at 10.30am and we were able to chat to members of the AGM about POWERbreathe before our presentation. We set up the presentation in a sports hall where we were also able to demonstrate the POWERbreathe K5 with Breathe-Link Software. Attendees came and tried out the K5 and took a strength-index test to see how their breathing faired. We were given permission by one member of the group, Neil Andrews, to record his first impressions of the POWERbreathe which you can view here:
“This could change my life” – WATCH VIDEO > 

In the afternoon the pool was open for people who wished to have a leisurely swim or take part in a lesson, as well as shooting, trampolining and fencing to have a go at. It proved to be a very positive, enjoyable day for all involved.

Emma already had personal experience of POWERbreathe and its benefits following the work she did for the study published in the BJSM (British Journal of Sports Medicine), Effects of inspiratory muscle training on respiratory function and repetitive sprint performance in wheelchair basketball players.

Thank you to Emma for contacting us in the first instance and allowing us to help people with potential breathing problems; to The Arthrogryposis Group for being so attentive and interested in POWERbreathe and making it such an enjoyable day; and to Uppingham School for making us all feel welcome in such a lovely environment.

POWERbreathe Sponsored Conference – Mountain Medicine: The Science and the Sport

On Tuesday 6th May The Royal Society of Medicine in London held a conference organized by The Military Medicine Section and sponsored by POWERbreathe International Limited and Expedition Medicine.

The conference, ‘Mountain Medicine: The Science and the Sport’, brought together some of the UK’s leading experts on mountain medicine to discuss topics that included the relevance and contribution of the UK military in this field; updates on advances in the understanding of high altitude illness and psychology; and it’s impact on physiology and performance.

Dr John O’Hara, Reader in Sport and Exercise Physiology at Leeds Metropolitan University, presented ‘Effectiveness of pre-acclimatisation strategies for high altitude exposure’ during which he referred to inspiratory muscle training and apnea as strategies “worthy of consideration as both have the potential for positive contributions.”

Dr O’Hara’s speech was accompanied by a slideshow presentation which opened with a slide of the POWERbreathe K5 with Breathe-Link Software (the very latest in smart breathing training technology) and a POWERbreathe Classic (the very first inspiratory muscle training devices from POWERbreathe).

During the conference POWERbreathe demonstrated the POWERbreathe K5 with Breathe-Link Software to delegates who were given the opportunity to test out this “Gold Standard” portable device that offers innovative lab quality measurements with comprehensive training and test data via the Breathe-Link software. Also of interest was the new POWERbreathe Altitude Systems (PBAS) for altitude simulation, and in particular the range of portable inflatable’s with patented ‘Safety air release system’ technology to prevent accidental over inflation.

We’d like to thank The Royal Society of Medicine, Expedition Medicine and all the experts who made the conference a very informative and beneficial experience.