POWERbreathe Trial – Rob Lunn Week 5: It’s been hectic to say the least…..

Hello sorry for the silence! It has been a hectic few months at Diverse Health & Fitness!

The last time I blogged I had just completed the Love Life Love Running 10k in Cannock Chase smashing my previous personal best time, I believe my POWERbreathe training played a huge part in this and also came in handy warming up before the event to get my lungs ready to perform.

A couple of weeks after the event I took a well deserved summer break! Unfortunately there was no room in my case for my POWERbreathe…………….

Although I did not use my POWERbreathe during my holiday, my training came in handy when snorkelling. This year I holidayed in Egypt famed for its reefs and exotic marine life, I have always had breathing difficulties underwater during previous snorkelling experience but this time my breathing pattern seemed much more relaxed. My POWERbreathe training will of only of helped this, allowing me to stay out snorkelling for longer periods of time which was great as there was some much to see under there, it is like a whole different world!

Upon my return from my holiday I had so much work to catch up on that it took me a few weeks to get back in to full training, but now I am finally here and I am looking forward to making further progress with my POWERbreathe training.

I have signed up for Mens Health Survival of the Fittest (www.mhsurvival.co.uk) which takes place in Battersea, London on November 12th 2011, I have  5 weeks before the event to get myself back to peak fitness ready to set new records!

My POWERbreathe is turned back down the zero ready to go for phase II of my POWERbreathe training!!!

Rob Lunn

Personal Trainer


POWERbreathe Trial – Rob Lunn Week 4: POWERbreathe calming

As I mentioned in my previous blog, this weekend I competed in the Love Life Love Running 10k at Cannock Chase.

Leading up to the event I gradually decreased my running and POWERbreathe training to allow my body to rest and conserve energy.

My last training session was a steady paced 30 minute run on Wednesday afternoon giving my muscles 3 days to rest before the race.

It is recommended that you refrain from POWERbreathe training a few days before a competitive event to allow your respiratory muscles to rest too.

Race day started very early with a bowl of porridge with flax seed and honey, a protein shake, green tea and a pint of water. A good breakfast helps you start the day by providing all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body requires function at its best, this is especially important on race day to put fuel in your tank ready for the run.

Before we warmed up my friend & I had a walk around the site to soak up the atmosphere and check out the McCain track & field tent, where we were lucky enough to bump into Sally Gunnell, Olympic 400m Gold medallist!!!

Sally was really friendly & approachable and gave us some inspiration for the race ahead.

I fully warmed up before every event, my usual warm up includes dynamic stretching, gentle jogging and movements to elevate my heart rate, get my blood flowing and ensure my body is fully prepared for the challenge ahead, but this was the first time I had incorporated POWERbreathe.

To warm up my respiratory muscles, I turned my POWERbreathe sport down to level 0 completed 30 breaths, rested for 2 minutes then performed a further 30 breaths.

With my breathing muscles warm I headed towards the start line, from the moment Sally Gunnell blew the hooter I was on my game.

The route was one of the hardest I have completed, very hilly, you were either up or down with very few flat sections. Having managed to get myself up with the lead pack I was feeling great. I managed to keep it going finishing very strong in 20th position out of 200+ competitors in a new personal best time of 44:15.

There is no doubt in my mind that POWERbreathe training and especially the pre race warm up made a big contribution to my performance. I am really happy with the results so far and am looking forward to continuing my training.

Rob Lunn

Personal Trainer

Diverse Health and Fitness


POWERbreathe Trial – Rob Lunn Week 3: Cranked up the POWERbreathe

Week 3, my breathing is really coming on now! I have cranked the resistance up, giving my POWERbreathe a twist up to level 1! It may not sound a lot but you can feel the difference, the small increase in resistance is definitely more challenging!!

I have had to break my breaths back down to 2 sets of 15 to achieve the recommended ’30 breathes twice a day’, I have completed my training most days with the exception of the last couple of days due to being a little run down, hey it happens to the best of us and sometimes you just need to rest!

Rest is not the enemy, rest allows the body recover and regenerate, over training and training through illness such as colds and flu can actually impede results and performance, so don’t be afraid to take a few days off training if you are not feeling 100% you will come back stronger both physically and mentally!

At the start of the week my training was feeling great, my recovery time is improving during my sprint sessions, I am ready to go sooner and feel like I have more to give during my sprints.

All is looking good for my next event coming up next weekend, a multi terrain 10k run at Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, part of a new running festival. I am really looking forward to it.

My training this week will be geared towards the run on Saturday, easing my training down after Wednesday and making sure I get my diet right leading up to the day.

On my next blog I will let you know how I get on, how my breathing feels throughout and any effects POWERbreathe training has had on my performance.

Wish me luck!!!

Rob Lunn

Personal Trainer

Diverse Health and Fitness



POWERbreathe Trial – Rob Lunn Week 2: Getting the hang of POWERbreathe

Week 2 of my POWERbreathe trial, I am really starting to get the hang of the breathing technique now!

Last week I was struggling to get my breathing right, I am so use to breathing in through my nose I found it difficult to adjust but now I feel I have mastered the deep breathing technique necessary to get the most out of POWERbreathe training, no more nose clip for me!

After breaking my 30 breaths into sets of 10 last week, this week I have managed to progress 1st to 2 sets of 15, then 20, 10 then 25, 5 finally achieving 30 constant breaths in my last couple of sessions.

I am definitely getting more comfortable with the breathing on level 0; I will be looking to increase the resistance during the next week to keep progressing.

Today I have signed up the Love Running Cannock Chase 10k which is part of a running festival that takes place in Staffordshire at the end of July, as I mentioned in my previous blog I am an avid runner just prior to the trial I took part in the Liverpool Tunnel 10k finishing in a time of 44 minutes 31 seconds my current best time for this distance, so it will be interesting to see if the POWERbreathe training has any impact on my performance.

Over the past week I have completed 2 short outdoor runs; a 5k and an interval session, during both sessions my breathing felt notably less laboured, placebo effect or POWERbreathe training starting to take effect already? I am hoping for the latter!

Looks like the breathing techniques are working using POWERbreathe