How POWERbreathe Works

POWERbreathe is a multifunctional Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) tool that has a wide use of applications for a wide range of people. IMT is scientifically proven to benefit patients with respiratory illness and healthy people, including athletes at all levels of competition, including Olympians.

POWERbreathe IMT exercises the inspiratory muscles (those used to breathe in), improving their strength and stamina and reducing fatigue.   Continue reading How POWERbreathe Works

POWERbreathe Sports Warm-up

This POWERbreathe Instructional Video reveals how a traditional sports warm-up fails to warm-up the breathing muscles, which leads to excessive breathlessness at the start of exercise, and then goes on to demonstrate how this may be avoided if you use POWERbreathe as part of your warm-up routine. Continue reading POWERbreathe Sports Warm-up