I cannot change the load for the first two breaths in all training modes

The first two breaths are setup breaths so that the device can calculate training parameters used to set up an ideal variable load training profile. The setup breaths will always be set at a very low load of 3cmH20 and is counted as a part of your overall training session.

My K-Series device is not charging

1. In some instances if the POWERbreathe K-Series device is left unused for a period of time the unit will not automatically go into charge mode. You should connect the charger to the USB and then briefly push the ON button and ensure that the red light comes on then leave to charge for the full 16 hours. If the red light flashes or it won’t hold it’s charge then:

2. Your K-Series may need a Global Reset:

  • Whilst plugged in to the mains charger hold down both buttons, for approx 10 seconds. This should reset the battery indicator and the red LED should light and start a charge cycle. Allow unit to charge until Red light goes off or at least eight hours.

3. If the Global Reset does not resolve the problem then the battery will most likely have expired and you may need to replace it should you wish to use the device remotely. If this is the case we offer a replacement battery service at £24.94 including return to a UK address.

4. Please note: the POWERbreathe device can be used whilst connected to the mains or via PC for training purposes even when the battery has expired.

During a training/test session the POWERbreathe fails to count down the breaths

The POWERbreathe K-Series device has a mechanism that ensures that only valid breaths are counted, if your volume is less then 0.5litres then device will not count this as a valid breath. This is to protect you and the device. 

During a training session the POWERbreathe breath-counter skips/jumps a breath

Make sure the valve is not sticky. If the valve is blocked then you may see erroneous results. The skipping of breaths can also be a result of erratic breathing technique or evidence that you are struggling with the current settings causing erratic breathing. In some instances the POWERbreathe device will count short pauses of a breath as a valid breath. Inhale as quickly and as deeply as possible through the mouthpiece.

I keep getting a message about cleaning the valve

Clean the valve thoroughly with recommended cleansing (sterilising) tablets. Move the valve head back and forth (Open to Close) while rinsing under mid warm water until it moves freely without any major resistance. Wait until fully dried and move the valve head back and forth (Open to Close) ensuring that it moves freely before attaching to the POWERbreathe K-Series device. For more detail please refer to your POWERbreathe K-Series manual section 11 Care and Maintenance.

After 5 breaths or more I cannot open the valve, or the valve fails to open, or the valve closes on me – why?

If the valve is not opening or seems to jam during a training session it is mostly likely that you are failing to overcome the training load. This could be because the training load set is to high or you are fatiguing during the training session.  Reduce the load until you can perform 30 breaths. 

Make sure the valve is not sticky. If the valve is blocked then the valve may not open. Refer to your manual, section 11 Care and Maintenance.  

Ensure that the valve head is attached correctly to the POWERbreathe K-Series unit. Failing to do this will mean that the gears will fail to mesh and therefore the valve may not open or close. See Figure 1

Figure 1 Incorrect and Correct attachment of valve head

When I reach breath 5 the valve fails to open

The POWERbreathe K-Series device introduces a gradual increase of load for the first 5 breaths of the training session. Once you have reached breath 5 the load is set at its maximum target-training load, and therefore becomes more difficult to overcome. The valve will not activate until you have overcome the maximum training load set by the device. Consequently if the maximum training load set is to great for you to overcome it may seem that the device is not functioning correctly. We recommend: If you are operating in an automatic mode set the intensity level to a lower level. Alternatively change to manual mode and set the load manually starting with a low load and increase the load by 5 cmH20 until you have a training load that you can complete a complete session (30 breaths) with some difficulty.

Why does there appear to be no resistance for the first two breaths?

For the first two breaths of the POWERbreathe K series device are setup breaths so that the device can calculate correct parameters for your training. The setup breaths have a low load setting of 3cmH20 and therefore you will find the first two breaths very easy to overcome. For breaths 3 and 4 a gradual load set to 50% and 75% of your maximum training load is introduced. Subsequent breaths are set at 100% of your maximum training load.