The POWERbreathe K-Series seems to lose connection with Breathe-link application when inactive for some time

Depending upon your computer settings when your computer goes into standby mode the USB communication can also shut down; consequently both the Breathe-Link and POWERbreathe K-Series unit can be out of synch. To re-synch either press the connect button on the Breathe-Link, or disconnect the POWERbreathe and reconnect. 

The values produced on the POWERbreathe K-Series device and Breathe-Link IMT suite do not correlate

Values from the POWERbreathe device and Breathe-Link software should not vary more then +-10% + 5 cmH20. To consistently breath at the same rate and effort for each new session is impossible, consequently variations of results will be observed. Ideally if you are performing a test or training session with or without the Breathe-Link software you should try to perform them at the same time and same effort to get a accurate overview of your breathing muscle performance.

The POWERbreathe unit load result is a different measurement compared to the Breathe-link software pressure result

The POWERbreathe unit load displayed corresponds to the highest training load achieved (highest weight lifted) during your breathing training session. The Breathe-Link pressure represents the average pressure ‘average weight lifted’ generated by the breathing muscles. Arguably this gives you a better indication of how the breathing muscles are performing against a variable load training session. A higher load result means that you are training your inspiratory muscles harder, leading to stronger muscles.

When I start up the Breathe-Link Software I get ‘invalid device connected’

Make sure the software you have downloaded or been supplied with is correct for the model of POWERbreathe K-Series that you have. POWERbreathe K-Series versions are not interchangeable between Breathe-Link K4, K5 and KH2 units.

When I start up the Breathe-Link Software it seems to crash/unable to perform any tasks

You can only access the features of the Breathe-Link software with a valid POWERbreathe K-Series device that is connected and synchronised with the software. Close the Breathe-Link software and connect a valid POWERbreathe K-Series device, then start up Breathe-Link software. Make sure you have correctly installed the drivers.

Use the USB port you used when you first connected the POWERbreathe device to the Breath-Link software. In some instances the USB driver for the Breathe-Link software only recognize the POWERbreathe device when connected to the same USB port when it was first installed.  

The POWERbreathe K-Series device fails to operate when plugged into my PC/MAC

Make sure that the correct drivers have been installed. Uninstall and reinstall the Breathe-Link software making sure that you agree with the terms and conditions, and tick the agree box. Click OK when asked to install drivers. In some instance where the battery of the POWERbreathe K-Series device is very low, the drivers fail to detect the POWERbreathe. In this instance connect the POWERbreathe K-Series device as normal and briefly push the ON button of the POWERbreathe. The associated drivers will then be detected and normal connection procedures should be applied. Make sure the POWERbreathe K-Series device is switched OFF before attempting to connect with the Breathe-Link Software.  

Make sure no other device is connected to the PC/MAC that draws more then 500amps.

If the problem still persists contact supplier of the device.

On the K5 Pro screen, during a breath, pressure load seems to drop off rapidly mid breath

The POWERbreathe device will try to maintain a variable load for each breath, if you fail to overcome the load set during a course of a breath most likely due to fatigue of the respiratory muscles you will see a sudden drop of pressure plotted. In essence you have reached the point of failure, where the muscles have reached a point where it cannot overcome the load and fatigue has taken place. This is commonly seen at the end of a training session, if you see this behaviour early in the training session then it is a good indicator that the training load set is too high or you need to put more effort in each breath to maximise your volume.

When I increment and decrement the training load the POWERbreathe device seems to lock up

In most cases you should not see a lock up of the POWERbreathe K-Series device, however in some rare instances communications between the Breathe-Link software and POWERbreathe K may be corrupted by abusive behaviour of these buttons. Therefore when adjusting the training load using the up and down buttons you should increment and decrement the values slowly and in a positive fashion, a 1 second pause for each click of the adjustment buttons. POWERbreathe International Ltd views any behaviour beyond the one described above as unexpected abusive behaviour. 

During an Auto and Manual training session I cannot adjust the training loads for the first 5 breaths with the load adjuster

The first two breaths are setup breaths so that he device can calculate training parameters used to set up an ideal variable load training profile. The setup breaths will always be set at a very low load of 3cmH20 and count as a part of your overall training session. Breaths 3 and 4 are set at a gradual percentage of calculated training load, for consistency the device will not allow you to increase or decrease the load until after breath 5.