I’m unable to breathe through my POWERbreathe since moving up a level. Why?

This is likely to be because the load increase is too high and increased too quickly. Work on four weeks before rushing on to the higher levels. If this is the first time you have done any form of Inspiratory Muscle training, it is good to note that the device has a variable resistance, think about ¼ turns, rather than an increase of a whole increments.
We generally look at the POWERbreathe mechanical units as lifting weights or dumbbells.

Imagine lifting 35-Kilo’s and being unable to lift 40kg. If you then try 45kg, 50kg the effect is the same as the 40kg, ultimately the load becomes irrelevant.

Best Practice,
Focus on Quality – Breathe in with rapid Airflow, continue until your lungs are full, then breath out slowly, good technique will be better than focusing on the resistance setting to which you are working. Check the POWERbreathe manual, or read on line at www.powerbreathe.com

Do not train to fail,
Utilise your POWERbreathe effectively, and get the best results, you should be able to take 30 complete breaths in your training session. A full breathe thirty times under a reduced load is better than short breaths and straining under a heavy load, (20Kg dumbbell through a full Arm Curl x 30 reps, rather than the half curl with 35Kg and only completing 20 reps.

Is there a difference between the POWERbreathe Plus special edition black (HR) and the red POWERbreathe Plus (HR)?

Both models are Heavy Resistance (HR) and so have the same resistance loads. The only difference is the colour of the unit – the red model came first, and the black models came later. The black models are available in all resistances, Light Resistance (LR), Medium Resistance (MR) and Heavy Resistance (HR). So the red and the black (HR) have the same resistance loads.

Why is there is no resistance when I breathe in through my POWERbreathe Classic?

This could be because the sleeve that is placed over the adjustment gauge has moved or is not on straight. When undertaking your breaths, especially during a rigorous training session, the sleeve can occasionally move and push against the adjustment gauge, opening the valve. Resolve this by ensuring the sleeve is on straight. You could also try holding the POWERbreathe at the top to prevent the sleeve moving. During very intensive training you may want to remove the sleeve altogether and hold the top part of the device.