Madeline Simon (MS) – The Christmas spirit has come early

Another quiet week but according to my previous recent recovery times I have one more week to go. Even today, I am starting to feel more optimistic and energised.

Don’t laugh too much but I may make a start on creating my Christmas cards for 2011 next week. I have to be well planned to avoid any unnecessary stress or panic, which isn’t good for my health. I send out about 140. I have a design planned in my brain; I just need to try it out on paper. In a bizarre way the POWERbreathe will aid me… All will be revealed next week, that’s if it works out OK.

Madeline Simon (MS) – Going OK after a busy last week

My daily POWERbreathe training is going OKish, especially since I have been quite exhausted all week following last week’s excursions.

I haven’t been swimming this week, though it’s a matter of conserving my energy until things improve again. Hence not a lot to report this week but I did do my Pilates on Monday and went to my neuro physio on Tuesday; she spent most of the time calming my muscles down and realigning them, plus I have been doing a light Pilates routine each night. So all in all, not too bad.



Madeline Simon (MS) – Partying with POWERbreathe

My brother-in-law’s 50th birthday party was excellent – the food, the music and the company. It was a late night, but I was not as late leaving as others… I think the last person left at 3am!

As I promised last week, here are the results from my POWERbreathe K3:

  • Load      3.4 cmH2O
  • Power    4.7 Watts
  • Volume  2.1 Litres
  • T-index  89% – High

Looking through the description of the statistic results in the POWERbreathe booklet I realise there is definite room for improvement. So now I have declared my results (that’s the hard bit) I will give you a regular update every 4 weeks. There’s nothing quite like sharing your results with others to make you work extra hard to improve them.

Madeline Simon (MS) – Recovery takes time

I keep forgetting, my recovery time after weekends away or doing things that are not the norm use more energy i.e. it takes 3 weeks to recover and not 2 weeks any more. So things were not as sparky as I hoped. I am doing a little more but there is room for improvement!

One good result I did have was with my POWERbreathe stats, which I will share with you next week. It’s also my brother–in-law’s 50th birthday and he is having a bit of a party; a pig roast and live music. He is the drummer in his village band, so it should be great fun! So this means I need to get back on form – no excuse!

Madeline Simon (MS) – Taking it easy

It’s been a quieter week, well more like weekend, as mid-week my elder sister and youngest nephew came over for the day. We had a day in Stratford, educational at first, going round the Shakespeare museum and house where he was born and grew up. Then we went on the River Avon in a motorboat, which was a big hit! Finally, I took them into some ladies clothes shops; again I believe it’s an essential part to any child’s (girl or boy) education.

Next week I am pleased to say that I have nothing on, so I can get back into my full exercise routine again. I even did a full Pilates workout on Monday, so things have already started well, and my POWERbreathe will be used everyday.

Madeline Simon (MS) – Catching up with the family

I’ve had a good week, getting chores done, exercising and then having a long weekend visiting friends and catching up in Herefordshire, where I used to live.

It’s like going back to my extended family. I have to do my visit over two separate weekends to conserve my energy. So I split it North and South. My southern visit will be in the autumn. On this visit however everyone was so pleased at how strong and well I looked.

My family and friends all get a copy of my weekly blog and so all know about my exercise routine and the POWERbreathe. I did many a demonstration with it, such a simple design but so effective.

Madeline Simon (MS) – Rhyme And Reason

There is no rhyme or reason why fatigue & tiredness suddenly hits but it does! I did manage to do my Pilates on Monday and swimming, but I only did my POWERbreathe every other day…and my 15 minutes of Pilates based workout which I normally do before I go to bed didn’t get a look in. Neither did my twice-daily walks – AND IT SHOWED! I’m now back to introducing the exercise elements that were dropped, which I know are so important and somehow I need to find a way to not get into this situation again; difficult but not impossible.

I want to share with you my big objective. It’s been nearly 4 yrs, come September, when I had my last relapse and had to go into hospital for a course of IV steroids – not my favourite place to be. This has been my longest gap to date, however, I want to at least improve this by 50% if not double it. I feel I have the tools available to me in order to achieve this; my POWERbreathe, Pilates class, a good swimming pool, an excellent neuro physio and a loving & caring environment. So no excuse, it’s up to me to achieve it. Watch this space…

Madeline Simon (MS) – Swimming performance definately improved thanks to POWERbreathe

Another good week of exercising, it really does help. On the swimming front I did my 32 lengths that I thought was my 0.5mile. However, with something niggling at the back of my mind, I checked out how long the pool is, unfortunately, it is 20m not a standard 25m, so I’ll need to get my distance up to 40 lengths to hit the 0.5mile.

I have another couple of weeks ahead of me with minimal booked. I know this sounds rather boring but it is essential to keep on an even keel. If I overdo things I have to reap the consequences. I do learn to appreciate things and people better and have fun and humour when I go out for only a maximum of an hour doing boring shopping. I may need to get a blue parking badge soon, but I feel the longer I can do without the better, mind you some days the walk back to the car is rather arduous.

I think I’ll stick with 32 lengths of swimming, and my POWERbreathe, until I feel happy with that…mind you, I did notice that no siesta was needed in the afternoon this time after swimming, so an improvement.

Madeline Simon (MS) – Swimming with my POWERbreathe

I feel really pleased with myself for getting all the exercises done that I had planned to do.

The swimming was my highlight. Thanks to the POWERbreathe my lungs were strong and I felt fit, plus my stamina was good and I didn’t get out of breath during my swim. I did 20 lengths and knew I could do more but didn’t want to risk tiring myself out too much. Yes, I did have to have a good siesta in the afternoon. My game plan is to do no more than 1/2 mile in one session and initially do it once a week, plus do it in the mornings when I have more energy, coupled with the fact that the pool is a bit quieter, especially if I go at 9am.

I find swimming and the use of my POWERbreathe is the best exercise, as nobody would know I have MS, but more importantly, they work so many muscles. Believe it or not I can’t run, and walking is a matter of keeping my balance which requires good concentration, however my focused concentration is not fantastic what with the cerebella tremor, and I get very exhausted.

Give me a POWERbreathe, a swimming pool and my Pilates any day! I highly recommend all three!

Read more about how POWERbreathe improves swimming performance.

Madeline Simon (MS) – Room with a view

My room is now nearly complete, however I am still waiting for the blind I’m having made and a headboard that I ordered via the Internet. I am so pleased with it all.

Unfortunately I didn’t do the painting etc as fatigue hit and I’ve got some lovely bruises on my legs. I won’t be wearing skirts for a while and a few siestas in the afternoons have been needed. So I am keeping my agenda quite sparse again this week and concentrating on building up my strength and muscles.

Interestingly I received some documentation from the MS society and one article was about the trial they did on exercise with a secondary progressive MS patient, not surprisingly it was hugely beneficial. It cost them nearly £150k … I would have told them that for nothing! But I suppose they needed hard evidence. So guess what is on my agenda, exercise! It’s lucky I enjoy it plus you look good and feel better for doing it. So POWERbreathe, Pilates, possibly swimming…here I come!