POWERbreathe Trial – Melanie Ryding Week 3: Back to training

This was the start of the hard work training again. After a week of recovery post European champs, it was right back to tough hard fast training. I had my first track session in about 8 weeks with my run coach this week on Monday. I forgot my asthma inhaler in the rush to get there in time. This made coach nervous but it would be a perfect chance to see if the Powerbreathe was making any difference. I ran a hard tough track sprint session, almost to the point of feeling unwell. It was very tough on the lungs, and although I got the pain in my chest that usually comes before wheezing, I didnt get any wheezing. When I checked my data I was working right at the top end of my heart rate zone 5, the maximum heart rate zone.
Usually i would expect to need an inhaler for this session, so this is progress. Maybe in time the powerbreathe will also help reduce the chest pain as well.
On wednesday I cycled a time trial. This is a full max effort 10 miles as hard and fast as you can go. It was a race so I  had no inhaler. Again, I had the chest pain but no wheezing.
I am feeling very encouraged, and hope to continue making progress.
I was also able to move the powerbreathe up a level this week to number 4. Gradually getting there!
Melanie Ryding


POWERbreathe Trial – Colin White Week 2: Carry on Camping

Week 2 saw my PBK3 unit go camping.

I went camping with my family and had to keep things to a minimum, my PBK3 unit was able to be stowed away in my luggage without taking up too much room.
Day 1 of camp. I woke up and wasn’t wheezy despite the obvious damp outside (where is the summer??) I eat breakfast, take 30 breaths on my unit and head off for a morning run…on my return a friend of mine has the unit in his hand “inspecting it” or so he claims?? Asks what it can do so I explain about how it can strengthen my lungs and improve my fitness.

Over the weekend I continue to use the unit (twice a day 30 breaths each)

I also notice I am not using my preventer inhailer as much….coincidence?

Today (Monday 4th July) I visit my asthma nurse and show her the device… A praise for keeping on top of my care. My peak flow reading is up on last visit too 350 compaired to 330.

All round a good week.

POWERbreathe Trial – Melanie Ryding Week 2: European Championships

Week 2.
I went to the European championships this week. I did take the POWERbreathe with me, and hoped to be able to continue fitting in my 30 breaths twice a day, but knew it may be a logistical challenge. I did manage at least one of them per day.


I think it is still early days, but something must be happening, because I remember it hurting my chest on the very first use, and now on level 3 it seems to be becoming more managable. I no longer get the chest pain, and maybe next week will be able to move it up another level. I have not been training hard, so I would not have needed my inhaler anyway. Training is on taper / race mode so it will be interesting to see what happens when I return to track sprinting etc after the rest week. That is when I usually need the inhaler so I am looking forward to finding out if it will have an impact.


Well that is all for now but their will be more to follow 🙂