POWERbreathe Trial – Rob Lunn Week 2: Getting the hang of POWERbreathe

Week 2 of my POWERbreathe trial, I am really starting to get the hang of the breathing technique now!

Last week I was struggling to get my breathing right, I am so use to breathing in through my nose I found it difficult to adjust but now I feel I have mastered the deep breathing technique necessary to get the most out of POWERbreathe training, no more nose clip for me!

After breaking my 30 breaths into sets of 10 last week, this week I have managed to progress 1st to 2 sets of 15, then 20, 10 then 25, 5 finally achieving 30 constant breaths in my last couple of sessions.

I am definitely getting more comfortable with the breathing on level 0; I will be looking to increase the resistance during the next week to keep progressing.

Today I have signed up the Love Running Cannock Chase 10k which is part of a running festival that takes place in Staffordshire at the end of July, as I mentioned in my previous blog I am an avid runner just prior to the trial I took part in the Liverpool Tunnel 10k finishing in a time of 44 minutes 31 seconds my current best time for this distance, so it will be interesting to see if the POWERbreathe training has any impact on my performance.

Over the past week I have completed 2 short outdoor runs; a 5k and an interval session, during both sessions my breathing felt notably less laboured, placebo effect or POWERbreathe training starting to take effect already? I am hoping for the latter!

Looks like the breathing techniques are working using POWERbreathe

Andrea Cunningham Week 14 – Back to the training regime

Hi everyone I’m back with my 14th journal!  Well I’m back into it….at last!!  Monday I took it easy after a rather busy weekend socializing but Tuesday then I went for 6 mile run, followed by an hour of body balance and then followed by an hour of combat…to say I was pretty shattered afterwards would be a understatement!  And as these are the new releases for the classes everything hurts that little bit more the first few times you go.

Wednesday then I went for another 6 mile run but my legs did feel like lead so it wasn’t the best but heh I still got out there.  And Thursday I did the same as Tuesday so Friday then I took it easy and had a very large glass of vino!  Saturday I was planning on a 13 mile run but the weather was just so unpredictable it put me right off, one minute its ok and the next second its torrential rain, yuk anyway so I only managed 6ish miles and then I took a very quick short cut home before the heavens opened!

Still haven’t clocked enough mileage but we have holidays here in Northern Ireland this week so I’ll be off work mid week and I’m defiantly going to get my trainers on and do a long run on Tuesday hopefully so I guess I’m just going to have to put up with getting soaked as I can’t put it off any longer!!!  And getting back to balance has defiantly helped my legs and my knee appears to be holding up so it’s obviously on the mend which is great!  Well talk to you all again next week when hopefully I’ll have been on more adventures outdoors

POWERbreathe UK welcomes our international family to the UK

Well it has been a very busy week here at POWERbreathe Towers. Everyone has been having a big Spring Clean and getting rid of clutter on desks so it all looks nice and tidy for the big meeting next week.

Next week we welcome our international family of distributors to POWERbreathe Towers from Australia to Taiwan. For three days we will be showcasing the benefits of POWERbreathe. We welcome 36 friends from 20 countries to spend 3 days with us at the glorious Warwick Castle and surrounding grounds.

There will be plenty to do including learning sessions about POWERbreathe, participation is sports specific exercises as well as a tour of the beautiful Warwick Castle. POWERbreathe UK can’t wait to meet everyone.

So it will be a busy 3 days but don’t worry we will be reporting the goings on at the castle by posting regular updates on the POWERbreathe Facebook page.

Have a good weekend everyone and keep going with the breathing training. Remember 30 breaths twice daily!

Andrea Cunningham Week 13 – Socialising spree

Hi everyone I’m back with my 13th journal entry!!  This week has been slightly more hectic with socialising instead of training!!  Was away at a wedding on Monday and Tuesday and it was my birthday on Friday so with various things planned that ruled out any exercise Friday, Saturday and Sunday though I was feeling rather delicate anyway!

On Wednesday and Thursday I did manage to go for small runs just 5 miles and 6 miles though I have to say these were quite torturous and I didn’t enjoy them at all as I was more in the mood that I had to do them to clock some mileage but I’ve always been in the mind frame that the proper training would start after my birthday again as I wanted to enjoy myself so I guess now I’ve no more excuses I’ve 120days to get back into shape for marathon number 2!!

I’m still using my PowerBreathe everyday twice a day and it is definitely helping during my everyday activities but I think probably as I haven’t been putting a lot of effort into my running lately and the air quality has been so shocking I haven’t really seen much improvement here the last couple of weeks!   I’ll know better next week when I’ve been out running a few times and longer distances again so I’ll talk to you all then 🙂