POWERbreathe attend the Pulse Respiratory Update Seminar

PulseOn 26th January, 2011 the POWERbreathe Medical Division attended the Pulse Respiratory Update Seminar at American Square Conference Centre, London.

We attended this event to find out about the up to date practices used to ensure optimal care for patients. Our main focus was  the new COPD outcomes strategy. The event was a one-day seminar  about the latest clinical developments, guidelines and innovations in the management of respiratory disease.

General Practitioners from around the UK attended this 1 day master class course on respiratory conditions, diagnosis and treatments.  The POWERbreathe exhibition space was busy as usually, attracting lots of attention and interest for curious GP’s wanting to learn and promote the use of POWERbreathe Medical in the patient groups.  As you can see in the pictures,  Jon is explaining to crowds of GP’s the benefits of POWERbreathe and that as a GP you can prescribe the POWERbreathe Medic.  A full day of education, education, education for the attending GP’s many of whom have gone away enlightened by the clincial benefits that POWERbreathe can bring!


Martin Strel – Big River Man uses POWERbreathe K5

Martin StrelRecently our Duncan was on yet another trip abroad, lucky him getting to go on all these ‘jolly boy’s outings’ while we slave away at POWERbreathe HQ.

Anyway, joking aside it is all work really……

Duncan’s last trip was to Slovenia to go and see the POWERbreathe Distributor    In Tact Group.  Whilst there he was introduced to Martin Strel AKA known as Big River Man. Martin Strel is a legendary Guinness record marathon swimmer, who has always been looking for the challenges of impossible and the Amazon was the recent one. On April 7th, 2007 Martin Strel completed his epic Amazon river swim all the way from Atalaya (Peru) to the Atlantic Ocean at Belém (Brazil). He was struggling the river for 66 days for more than 10 hours a day and totally swam 5268 kms or 3274 miles. He became a wordwide hero.

We caught up with Martin in Slovenia and tested out the POWERbreathe K5 on him. Martin’s next challenge is a swim down the Grand Canyon and he will be using the POWERbreathe K5 as part of his training.  Martin is a keen user of the device and as you can see from this video he trains with his POWERbreathe while driving.

What do you think of Big River Man and his amazing challenges? Please leave us a comment below.

Martin Strel Website

Gus Mckechnie – Almost half way there

Gus McKechnie 50000 mile bike challengeWell I’m still plugging away and about to reach a big milestone.  Half way which means I will have done once around the equator.  I can’t really comprehend how much has taken to get there but I wont of been able to do it without a lot of support.  My POWERbreathe comes in very handy especially with the early starts as the 30 breaths routine helps me with my warm up.

The nice thing in the run up to Christmas was not having many events to do, this meant I could focus on my cycling.  I did run the Southampton leg of the BUCs indoors series which went well.  Cycling up to Christmas involved a lot of very long 12-15 hour days.  Like wise after Christmas involves a lot of long days as well.  I also volunteer running a number of indoor rowing events for schools of which we have five in the run up to July.

The focus now for this week lies in getting to the magic half way mark.

POWERbreathe meets with Roxon Med Tech in Canada

Roxon logoRecently the POWERbreathe team headed off to Canada for a training session with our newest distributor Roxon Med Tech.

Roxon were founded in 1975 and are a 100% Canadian owned corporation that is totally committed to supplying specialised equipment to medical facilities across America with their main focus being Cardiac, Respiratory and Neurology equipment.

Both Harry our MD and Jon headed off to Canada to train Roxon.

We have uploaded some pictures of our visit and they can be seen over on the POWERbreathe Official Facebook page. Although, it was mightly cold in Canada our guys and the team at Roxon seemed to have enjoyed the training session.


POWERbreathe is successful at the London Bike Show

London Bike Show 2012Well what a busy few days POWERbreathe had at the London Bike Show.  Duncan and Emma represented the POWERbreathe team and deemed it a success.

We set up a POWERbreathe training and assessment centre.

You may wonder how we ended up at the show, well here is how we did.  Future is the largest Cycling publisher responsible for the following titles:

  • Cycling Plus
  • Mountain Biking UK
  • Official Tour de France Guide
  • Procycling
  • Triathlon Plus
  • What Mountain Bike

Well, they asked one of our customers Koolstoff of Exeter if they could pull together a very professional cycle training hub for the show to scientifically assess people and recommend methods to improve performance.  We were approached and asked if POWERbreathe would help and we said yes.  We were in good company, see below for the list of assessments,

  • Fitness testing for Power Zones, Heart Zones and VO2 Max  done by Kent University.
  • POWERbreathe K5 Inspiratory muscle training assessment
  • Spin Scan Analysis of pedal stroke
  • Postural Testing/ Strength/ Conditioning/ Core/ Flexibility assessment
  • Access to an Anti-Oxidant Scanner and Nutritional Advice
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • Body Fat analysis
  • A 4 week training plan plus interactive training diary

We tested approximately 200 people and got great feedback.  Some typical comments “wow, that was a real workout”, “now I really understand why I need to strengthen my breathing muscles”, “I have never felt so pampered”, It was like a day at a health farm for cycling enthusiasts.  Asthma sufferers were also pleased to find out there was a non drug therapy available that was a great aid for respiratory illness and effective for COPD treatment.  Some bought POWERbreathe on the day, others said they would dig out the one they already owned now they knew how it worked and how to use it properly and the remainder said they would buy one in the future.

We even had a well known cyclist from the Node 4-Giordana racing team check out his lungs with POWERbreathe K5. He scored 170 which is very good for a first attempt and one of his team bought 2 POWERbreathe models there and then.

In conclusion, POWERbreathe was in excellent company in a professional sports assessment environment and we got over to everyone the logical benefits of enhanced breathing muscle strength and endurance. POWERbreathe certainly got across their message that ‘POWERbreathe is accepted as normal rather than unusual.’

We have uploaded some pictures of the event and they can be seen on the POWERbreathe Official Facebook page. If you attended the London Bike Show, please leave a comment below and if you popped over and said hello, let us know what you thought.

Phil Bradbury – POWERbreathe has helped my breathing

I have just completed a 12 week trial with a medium resistance Powerbreathe.

I cycle or row just about every day but do not compete formally so I cannot quote figures of percentage improvement in particular events. Having said that I do push myself very hard whilst riding at the Velodrome and on some club rides which are inevitably very hilly and quite fast.

I only started using the Concept rower for some cross training about 7 months ago so I would expect my performance to improve anyway, that said each week I do a timed one hour row and each week the metres completed increases with what feels like the same effort.

My criteria of success is how I feel under high exercise effort.

As far back as I can remember I felt I ran out of breath long before I ran out of legs, it felt that my breathing had become the limiting factor. I have in the past consulted my doctor about this and had spirometer and exercise ECG tests, both showing for my age of 63 that I am very fit.  This breathing limit has been more obvious in the winter months.

I do perceive a change over the 12 week trial in that I no longer reach the point where I begin to worry that, “this time I have gone too far”, with my breathing. By accident not design the trial has been during the Autumn / Winter months.

Bottom line, I think the Powerbreathe has helped with my breathing and I will continue to use it as part of my daily routine.

Breathing definately is the key to improving rowing performance

Jen-Howse-RowingWell I’ve had my POWERbreathe for a little while now. My first attempt to use it showed how much improvement I had to make! I tried the thirty breaths at level one and failed!

Very soon after the arrival of my POWERbreathe came my first test in the lead up to the World Indoor Rowing Championships (Crash-bs), the British Online Rowing Championship. The inaugural event this year saw people round the world connect their Concepts 2 rowing machines to their computers and row against each other from the comfort of their own shed/garage/living room! I normally train in the garage but I decided to move the erg inside for the occasion.  Regretted this move about half way through as the air felt drier than usual and I started to struggle a little with my breathing.

Managed to come home first in my race and win the 30-39 lwtwomens category in a time a little slower than I had managed in training a few days before, but it is always different in a race situation.

From that race I realised that breathing training is definitely one of the keys to improving performance in races, as they are often not the best atmosphere for me.

So I have been using the Powerbreathe for a while now and can do 30 breaths without taking a break, which is quite an improvement from the first attempt.

Now into the last 6-week build up to the Crash-Bs and I will be doing another 2k test in the next few weeks to see how I have progressed over the last month.

Phil Bradbury: Nearly the end of my trial

I have just completed week 10 with the Powerbreathe.

This is my second week at level 5.5, and I now use a mini pyramid of settings each session. By that I mean 10 breaths at a low setting, 10 at a medium setting, 30 at my maximum setting, 10 at medium and finally 10 at low.

This makes sense to me, I think it teaches my muscles to do big full breaths at the low and medium setting, with a full load workout at my maximum setting.

I have just completed week 11 with the Powerbreathe .

Increased setting to 6.0 which is mostly achievable but not always. Still using a pyramid of settings in a full session (see above for an explanation).

At the start of my last week of the 12 week trial feeling it has been worthwhile. I will express a fuller view at the end of this week.
Phil Bradbury


Exercise and respiratory muscle fatigue – Can breathing be trained?

Here is another guest blog post from guest blogger Amy Tanner. Attached is Amy’s recent presentation on respiratory fatigue. This presentation formed part of an interview at the Univerisity of Hertforshire and resulted in Amy getting the job as a lecturer relating to running and sports science in the new year. Amy will hopefully be blogging about her Powerbreathe training in the run up to the London Marathon, so keep checking back for updates from Amy.

Please leave a comment below if you found the blog post useful and interesting.

Once again thanks to Amy Tanner for this guest blog.

POWERbreathe presentation on exercise and respiratory muscle fatigue

Amy Tanner (Twitter: amy_runner)

COPD treatment for breathing easier and a healthier lifestyle

If you suffer from breathing difficulties or a mild form of COPD (chronic pulmonary obstructive disease) then one of the most important things you can do to stop this disease from progressing is to give up smoking.

COPD is something that cannot be cured but there are many treatments that can help you with your symptoms and help you breathe much more easily.

COPD treatment involves:

  • Helping to relieve you of the symptoms that you have with as little discomfort as possible and minimal side effects.
  • Helping to slow down the progression of the disease.
  • Helping you to stay active through exercise.
  • Helping you to improve your overall fitness and health tolerance.

Everyone who suffers from COPD will require different levels and types of treatment. The treatment all depends on the severity – mild, moderate or severe. If your severity is severe then your family GP may also recommend you see a lung specialist.  COPD treatment can involve medication, pulmonary rehabilitation and an oxygen supply.

COPD medication

COPD is a lung disease caused by damage to the lungs. Breathing becomes difficult as the airways become blocked. The most common cause of COPD is smoking with other types being emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Medication to treat COPD depends on the severity of your condition. However, the following medication may be part of your COPD treatment:

  • Antibiotics
  • Immunisations
  • Steroids

Pulmonary Rehabilitation for COPD

This may be recommended as part of your COPD treatment. This form of rehabilitation involves a planned program of exercise, disease management training and counselling to help you stay more active on a daily basis and carry out your daily activities with ease and comfort.

One area that is covered in this type of rehabilitation is exercise training. The exercise will help you to strengthen your muscles that you use for breathing. The exercises will make your breathing much more easier and comfortable for you without you feeling short of breath all the time.

As part of your program goals will also be set for you to achieve. For example you may have a goal set to walk every day for 30 minutes. You would then discuss at your counselling how you are managing this and how often you are doing the walking for.

How to prevent the progression of COPD

If you are a smoker then it is imperative you prevent any more damage occurring to your lungs. The most important thing that you can do to prevent this is to stop smoking. If you can then it is also imperative you try and not expose yourself to passive smoking. Keeping your lungs free from pollution and dust can greatly help your COPD treatment.  Simple breathing exercises are also effective in treatment for dyspnoea, another condition which causes shortness of breath.