The Relationship Among Inspiratory Muscle Strength, The Perception Of Dyspnea And Inhaled Beta2-Agonist Use In Patients With Asthma

“It is well documented that the perception of dyspnea (POD), subjectively reported by patients, is related to the activity and strength of the inspiratory muscles, and influences the use of ‘as needed’ beta2-agonists. This study investigated the relationship among the increase in inspiratory muscle strength after specific inspiratory muscle training, beta2-agonist consumption and the POD in patients with persistent, mild to moderate asthma.”


“In patients with mild to moderate, persistent asthma, there is a correlation between the POD and the mean daily beta2-agonist consumption. When the inspiratory muscles are strengthened, there is a significant decrease in the POD and in beta2-agonist consumption.”

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