Breath training for beginners

We saw this article on Vega, a site dedicated to delivering, among other things, premium, innovative, industry-leading wellness solutions to their customers.

Published on their blog, Breath Training for Beginners discusses how to find a breathing rhythm, breathing into your belly, increasing your V02 max and resisted and restricted breathing.

The article begins by saying that athletes attest to how proper breathing can lead to an increased level of performance during exercise, and that while breathing is generally controlled unconsciously, the conscious control of breathing — combined with specific training to learn how to discipline how we breathe — can benefit us in numerous different ways.

Resisted and restricted breathing they say “can enhance your endurance by strengthening your respiratory muscles”. POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) will do just that, as it uses the principles of resistance training to exercise and strengthen the inspiratory muscles, primarily the diaphragm and intercostals. Stronger breathing muscles means you’ll be more resistant to fatigue, so you’ll have more stamina. Training the inspiratory muscles to become stronger and more resistant to fatigue achieves improved efficiency of the breathing muscles. This means less oxygen is required by the lungs and can be used by working muscles, such as legs during cycling or running. The result…INCREASED performance!

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