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POWERbreathe in Pharmacy Business

On Thursday February 14th 2013, Pharmacy Business showcased POWERbreathe. Pharmacy Business is a monthly magazine especially for independent and community pharmacists. Here’s the feature that appeared online:

POWERbreathe – strengthening your breathing muscles

POWERbreathe strengthens and conditions your breathing muscles to cope with physical exertion. Stronger muscles equal less fatigue and greater endurance.

There is also a big psychological benefit. When breathing feels easy you are able to push yourself harder and delay the effects of metaboreflex, when the blood supply to your working muscles is restricted and redirected to your breathing muscles when they fatigue.

And even if you are not an athlete and maybe have lost lung capacity due to a pulmonary disease, POWERbreathe can help by training you to breathe more efficiently, maximising the capacity you have remaining to improve your quality of life.

Whether you are a top Olympic athlete or a 93-year-old lady unable to inhale medication, you can get immense benefit from using POWERbreathe. POWERbreathe works by resistance/weight training the muscles you use for breathing to make them stronger and more efficient.

Primarily working the diaphragm and intercostal (rib) muscles, it uses a variable, calibrated, spring loaded valve to adjust the loading your breathing muscles are lifting.

“I used it for just one month and my breathing felt much stronger and more free. I’d recommend this for anyone looking to improve the quality of their breathing,” said Neil Trainis, editor of Pharmacy Business.

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