Breathing techniques for singing

Singing is all about having a good technique. Like any other sport you can train yourself to become better at it. How do you do this? Simple, you need to use various breathing techniques related to singing which help you exercise and train your lungs, vocal chords, diaphragm and help you with breath control to enable you to make your voice more powerful which means you can hold notes for much longer.

Before using any breathing techniques to help your singing you first need to learn some basic breathing techniques to help you breathe normally. These basics will teach you how the lungs, diaphragm and trachea all work together to help you breathe.

When you breathe in your lungs will fill up with air. This should be a natural process. Under no circumstance should you be sucking in your stomach to make room for your diaphragm. At this point your body extracts the oxygen from your lungs leaving only carbon dioxide which you breathe back out. Also, when you breathe out your diaphragm will gently squeeze the lungs to push the air out

To put in simple terms, you should be breathing deeply and exhaling all the waste carbon dioxide from your lungs without forcing it out. This is done to make room for the new fresh air that your draw with your next breath. The more you breathe in and the more you manage to breathe out will help you hold your notes much longer. Breathing naturally also affects your singing performance as your notes will not sound forced or as though you are shouting them instead of singing them.

Breathing correctly

A quick breathing technique will tell you if you are breathing correctly. To start with lie flat on your back. Place your hand on your stomach so your fingers touch.  Start breathing in, you will feel how your stomach and chest move as they are filled with oxygen. You will be breathing correctly if you notice your stomach filling with air and expanding upwards towards your chest so that you end up with your stomach concave and your chest puffed outwards.

This is how you breathe normally and from here if you find you are breathing poorly you should use this position to consciously alter how you breathe and force yourself to allow for that ‘rolling’ motion up your stomach into your chest. Using these breathing techniques singing you can then fix your general breathing to enable you to sing and talk with more power and with more available air.

However singing is quite different from breathing normally as it requires you to exhale for long periods of time and to control the rate at which you let air escape. This requires control and again this can be trained using breathing techniques.

Controlling your breath

By using the method described above, you can try to alter the speed at which you breathe and how you let air escape. While maintaining good technique, breathe in continuously for the count of five seconds, then hold your breath for five seconds, then exhale continuously for five and begin again. You will find that breathing out for five whole seconds can be tricky as you quickly run out of breath, it is here then that control comes in to play as you have to use your breath control to let the air out slowly enough that you can breathe out for that long. This is how you learn to make the best of the amount of air your lungs can hold when holding a note. As you improve you can then begin increasing the number to control your inwards and outwards breaths for longer or shorter periods of time, just as you will need to in order to fit the phrasing of various songs.

A similar exercise used by some singers to train control is to breathe using a steady rhythm then ‘sing’ a number on each outwards breath, counting to say 20. This again requires control and each time it comes round to a count you need to be ready to have the right amount of air ready. This means inhaling and exhaling the correct amount at a steady rate.

As well as using breathing techniques singing style to control your breath, you can also benefit from simply holding more air in your lungs and so should work on increasing your lung capacity. You can do this with cardiovascular exercise which will help train your lungs, as will swimming underwater and holding your breath. By combining a larger lung capacity with a greater ability to control your breathing you will be armed with the ability to hold your notes and project them loudly and proudly.

Of course like all forms of training, the best form is to keep practicing. If you want to get better at singing, and singing in a certain way, then simply make sure you do vocal exercises and carry out breathing exercises often and try to enjoy what you do. That is the best way to improve on every facet of your technique.


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