Perfect vocal warm up exercises

If your ambition is to be a good singer then it is essential you do some vocal warm up exercises. You might be thinking ‘I have managed just fine without them so why bother now?’ The reason is simple, doing some simple vocal exercises will put you on the first step of the ladder of becoming a singer rather than just ‘someone that can sing’.

When singing your vocal performance will improve dramatically if you do your vocal warm up exercises. Look at it from a different angle. Just like swimming, running and cycling require you to warm up your muscles to avoid straining and hurting your muscles, the same applies to singing. You have to properly warm up your abdominal muscles so that they can work the air that comes through your vocal chords so you are able to generate the correct sounds when you sing.

Here are some simple vocal exercises that you can do to ensure your listeners hear the very best from your amazing singing voice.


You must be joking? In fact no we are not. However, the humming exercise is not the simple hum, there is a twist. You need to position your mouth in the correct position before humming.  So to start with keep your lips closed but loose. Start humming but try and get a feeling as though you are pushing the sound gently away from your stomach straight to the inside of your closed mouth. You will feel how it pushes making your relaxed lips vibrate.

Lip rolls

This is a great warm up exercise for the vocal chords and it is one you can have a bit of fun with too. What you need to do is imagine yourself under water blowing bubbles, weird we know but it really works.  You need to be relaxed otherwise if your lips are not relaxed you will not be able to do the lip rolls. While pushing the air up with your diaphragm you need to let your lips move freely doing a ‘brbrbrbr’ sound. Told you it was a fun one!

Scale singing

It worked for Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music when she was teaching the children the ‘Doh Reh Me’ song. When doing vocal warm up exercises scale singing is perfect to get you warmed up. Scale singing is when you go through different notes to make it easier for you to go further when you start singing.

These are just a few vocal exercises that you can do to warm up those vocal chords. Correct warm up exercises can help you give the perfect performance when you are out on that stage.


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