My POWERbreathe – by Josephine Gull

Josephine is a long-time POWERbreathe user, loyal friend of POWERbreathe and a valued athlete to us all here at POWERbreathe Towers.

Josephine has over time provided in-depth feedback on her training, including her POWERbreathe training, and the benefits and achievements she’s made as a result. Please read all Josephine’s posts here as they make for a very interesting and inspiring read.

Here are just a few additional posts Josephine has made on the POWERbreathe Facebook page which she shared with all POWERbreathe friends:

16 April 2012

“My coach estimated a sharp Personal Best within my grasp if I can replicate what I’ve done in training. Looking back to last year and the beginning of 2012, it’s night and day. At least 50% of that amazing progress in such a short time is due to my POWERbreathe. It is thanks to it that I had the strength and endurance to lift the weights, run the distance and recover faster. The running almost feels effortless and every footstrike is powerful. I’m even starting to look forward to the 200, which is a huge step from end of December beginning of January and finally setting an official new Personal Best in the event outdoor.
The comp season kicks off on sunday and will last through to September, so my POWERbreathe will practically be sleeping in my sportsbag til the end of the season…POWERbreathe wont be visible much except during warm up and cool down.”

14 March 2012

“Hi! I’m currently POWERbreathing at lvl 2 (high resistance) & I just wanted to let you know, that it took roughly the same amount of effort to POWERbreathe this lvl twice a day as it did to weightlift a new Personal Best on all apparatus in the gym on monday. First it was tough, then it became easier. I’ve struggled with the snatch exercise ever since I started, so to finally have enough speed to do it right was fantastic. And that wasn’t all, yesterday I came close to my 100m time from last year & the season hasn’t even started yet 🙂 Today my sports masseuse told me I’m in great shape & ready for anything, so it just keeps getting better. I knew POWERbreathe was great, but this much progress shortly after restarting POWERbreathing at lvl 2 last week, I honestly didn’t expect such fast results :D”

“The reason why it works so well for me, is that it costs slightly less effort and energy to perform an exercise and it leaves room for me to relax and enjoy the experience more. The more relaxed I am, the less energy I waste and the more i can do. Logical, but the increased endurance of my lungs is that stepping stone. When you get to lvl 2 and above it really takes time and effort to keep on advancing and it’s roughly the same as it takes to explode with weights or out of the blocks. Once you get started it gets easier and towards the end a little heavier again.”

31 January 2012

“The BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to all you at POWERbreathe for the part you play in developing & marketing this product & to all POWERbreathers out there, because each and every one (incl. all who aren’t posted on FB) is a living witness of the amazing effects of POWEbreathe. Those of you who have overcome asthma, slowed MS, recovered from COPD and all other problems, you have done what the doctors couldn’t do despite their far more extensive & expensive resources. When things are down, your success stories inspire me to keep fighting, so be mighty proud of what you have achieved & know that I am proud of all of you.”

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