Analysis of the use of POWERbreathe by mountain runners – by Biolaster

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Our friends and distributor in Spain, Biolaster, recently sponsored three athletes with a POWERbreathe.  The intention was to analyse the use and results of two male runners and one female runner who’re all experienced in mountain races.  The results showed an improvement in spirometric values and better respiratory sensations, especially in situations of high intensity exercise.

Although it cannot be considered a clinical trial, it became clear that POWERbreathe had a positive effect on the runners.

Here’s a synopsis of the test, roughly translated:

POWERbreathe is a device that aims to enhance and improve the capacity and respiratory mechanics, both in people who play sports, as in people with breathing trouble, as well as amateur athletes, amateur and high performance.
The Internet site of Mountain Corridor has conducted a test of use and results of the POWERbreathe, for which three experienced mountain runners have made the typical inspiratory training, consisting of 30 breaths 2 times daily for a period of 4-6 weeks.

Trail runners who participated in this study underwent spirometry on the same day that started with training your breathing POWERbreathe, worked for 4-6 weeks at two daily sessions of 30 breaths, each starting with a very basic level (level 1) increasing it gradually to the course of the week at higher levels.

After this training period, the 3 collaborators, were again subjected to spirometry, achieving this objective data reflected in these results:In 2 of them achieved a 5% improvement in the results (the brand speaks of a performance improvement between 4 and 5%) of these simple breathing tests (spirometry), and the other was affected by a cold that undermined the results.

Regarding the perception of the runners who took the test, all 3 agreed on the good feelings and perceptions of improvement in carrying out the breath, especially in situations where the pace is higher.

Objectively, and although this was not a clinical trial with many samples, it appears that the opinion of these 3 runners on POWERbreathe has been positive, and although improvements are not spectacular (we know that in life there are no miracles) it seems that with perseverance and POWERbreathe we can beat a bit of performance, and especially (and most important) to the good feeling breath when we run down the mountain.

Link to Full Test by Mountain Corridor

We’d like to thank Biolaster for sharing this news with us, from all at POWERbreatheUK.

If you’ve used POWERbreathe to improve running performance or altitude training then please leave a comment here, as we’d love to hear from you.

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