Modern Health and Fitness – Thanks POWERbreathe for the changes in my running times

Elspeth RaisbeckAnother month on and I’m seeing small incremental changes to my running times.  I’m running more consistently and still using my POWERbreathe to warm up which straightens out my lungs after a day hunched in the car or at my desk.

I think the POWERbreathe has benefited my exercise routine enormously and I’ll continue to use it every day.  I’ve currently improved to level 4 on my POWERbreathe Fitness Plus, which proves that my inspiratory muscles are improving in strength.

I’m also researching the benefits of the POWERbreathe/Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) for patients with breathing problemsasthma through to cystic fibrosis and heart failure.  This means wading through a lot of clinical research papers with long words written by people with planet-sized brains but no idea what a paragraph is!  When I’ve translated the long words into their 1 or 2-sylable counterparts I’ll be writing an article on IMT for one of the nursing journals in the UK.

That patients “get better at using the device” is a criticism levelled at some of the clinical tests for IMT. The argument is that patients don’t actually benefit from IMT but that they simply learn to use the device better and therefore improve on the outcome measures.

The general agreement is that, as the studies done so far are small, there needs to be more research.

But if I thought one of my patients would benefit from using a POWERbreathe then I would be prescribing one (the POWERbreathe Medic is available on prescription in the UK) or suggesting s/he bought one.  No question.

Thanks POWERbreathe!

Elspeth – Modern Health and Fitness

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