Running Fitness April 2012 – Every Breath You Take

Professor Alison McConnell, author of Breathe Strong, Perform Better, has written an article, Every Breath You Take, for the April edition of Running Fitness Magazine.

Writing about breathing muscle training (inspiratory muscle training), once viewed with scepticism, she explains why it is now seen as one of the ‘quickest and easiest’ routes to improved performance.

“Intense breathing muscle work activates the (vascular) reflex, causing limb blood flow to be restricted, impairing delivery of oxygen and removal of muscle metabolites. The good news is that breathing muscle training increases the intensity of breathing work required to activate the reflex. So it’s possible to work harder and longer, before the reflex directs blood flow away from the limbs. As a result, performance can be improved in a wider range of sports and exercise modalities. It’s that simple, and that profound.”

The article goes on to demonstrate how the improvements from inspiratory muscle training with POWERbreathe stack up against other additional training to improve running performance:

“In a study of runners, breathing training improved 5000m performance by 2.1% (around 20 seconds), and required less than 30-minutes per week of additional interval training. In contrast, a study of additional interval training showed that it delivered a 1.5% (around 13 seconds) improvement in 5000m performance, but it required more than four times the amount of training per week, not to mention the commitment to complete five bouts of near maximal running per session, each lasting five-and-a-half minutes.”

As a runner, you might like to read more about how POWERbreathe could improve running performance or view more details about Professor McConnell’s book Breathe Strong, Perform Better.

A must read for runners is Josephine Gull’s inspiring blog. Josephine is a POWERbreathe user who’s “rediscovered her joy, passion and talent for sprinting”. With her “60m pretty much nailed and 200m well on its way” Josephine feels that much closer to smashing her outdoor Personal Bests as well. It really is a great read!

If you’re a runner and use POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training to improve running performance, then please leave a comment here, as we’d love to hear from you.

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