Madeline Simon (MS) – I’ve had some familiar warning signs of my Multiple Sclerosis

Madeline SimonThis week I got some firm and familiar warning signs of my Multiple Sclerosis (MS): I’ve had dull pins and needles in my big toes and they feel heavy. This sensation moved up my legs to just below my knees at the beginning of the week.

I’m in my 5th year without a relapse and DO NOT want to spoil this record so I had a mental review of my habits and I talked to my physio about it. Bottom-line, I am not having a good night’s sleep, so feel fatigued with low energy levels. So, until I have broken this habit I am talking herbal sleeping tablets for five nights and prescription ones for two. I am also increasing the amount of carbohydrates in my diet, which were probably too low, and finally, actually increasing my exercise routine, a bit of reverse psychology. So I need to gradually work at getting back into my Pilates and POWERbreathe training again.

So far the dull pins and needles just go up to my ankles, and as they haven’t progressed any further than that, the changes I’ve made must be working.

I’ve also just got back from an excellent session of Pilates, which has made me feel more upbeat.


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