Respiratory training with the POWERbreathe

Anthony MayattHello, my name is Anthony Mayatt and I am a personal trainer  and owner of  BreatheFitness. I was approached by POWERbreathe who asked me if I would be interested in trialling one of their POWERbreathe devices for a period of one month to see if my respiratory strength, stamina and endurance improves.  The model given to me was the POWERbreathe Plus Medium Resistance.

As part of my trial I have agreed to provide blogs of my training so all of the POWERbreathe followers are able to read about my experience using the POWERbreathe. This is my first blog.

As a personal trainer I am (or would like to think I am) extremely fit and most of you reading are probably thinking why I need to use a breathing trainer. This breathing trainer is used by many elite athletes as well as people who suffer from respiraratoy conditions so I thought I would give it a go. When I was initially tested it was the K5 model that was used and my breathing strength was recorded as 138.

So, the challenge begins, will I see improvement after one month or will my breathing strength be the same. Hopefully it will have improved. I am looking forward to using the POWERbreathe on a daily basis and reporting back my results.

Check back next week for the next installment of my blog.  I decided I would try and video some of my blogs so here is the first video, I hope you find it interesting and please leave a comment below. Read the full respiratory training with POWERbreathe and let me know your thoughts.




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