Are you using your POWERbreathe correctly?

Here is a short video of our Duncan demonstrating how to correctly use the POWERbreathe.  He has also provided his top tips so read on to find out what Duncan’s secrets are to using the POWERbreathe effectively.

  1. Make sure the load is correctly set as you need to maximize the volume of each breath you take. If it is too high then you will struggle.
  2. When using for the first time, always start on the lowest load setting and get used to doing 30 breaths twice a day.
  3. When you can easily maintain a powerful breath for 30 breaths then you can start to increase the load.  If you have one of the POWERbreathe K Series units this is done automatically.
  4. As you increase the load, your volume will drop but as your breathing muscles adapt the volume will come back up and then you increase the load again.
  5. It is important to breath out slowly fully emptying the lungs and then to breathe in rapidly and maintain the breath as long as possible –  effectively to fire as many muscle fibres in the diaphragm as quickly as possible and then to maximize the volume of the breath using the intercostal and other muscle groups.  This will develop your power and maximize the volume you were born with.

You will soon get used to the sound of a good breath.  You should feel like you have done a workout at the end and sweat a little but not don’t give up at 15 breaths because you find it too hard. Remember, don’t be too aggressive going for a high load at the beginning as it will only put you off.  Move up in increments, be patient and don’t over train.

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