Ben Barwick – Go POWERbreathe Go

A couple of weeks into the POWERbreathe training now. The big news is that I broke 200 on my test score. That was very exciting for me! My S-index was 205.1. It was a bit of a shock when I did the test and that score came up but obviously the training is doing something. One of the great features of the unit is that is provides you with targets and numbers to improve on and this certainly provides me with plenty of motivation for my training.

I know that I have only just started using the unit but I already think it is helping with the running. I did a hill session a few days ago, it was 3 x10 minutes Kenyan Hills uphill. What this means is that I have to run up a hill for a period of time, then turn around and run down.

Doesn’t sound so bad but the only part of the session that counts towards the 10 minutes is the going up. So each part lasts for just under 20 minutes, you then have to do that 2 more times!! Not only did the session go really well but I definitely felt my breathing was stronger than before. It may be purely psychological but any sort of benefit I can get.

I have also spent this week researching the POWERbreathe range and having a look at the other models that they sell. Part of this is because I am sad, and partly because the K5 would be a bit too pricey for most people. The K series is phenomenal because of the auto loading feature, and I would probably want to spring for the K2 over the K1 (as it has the test feature) but I might be tempted to spend the extra on the K3 to add in the warm up/cool down feature, more on this in next week’s blog. As I have said before, I love the breathe link software so if you can afford to get it I really recommend it.

Of the rest of the range, I would probably purchase a POWERbreathe plus. It will create enough resistance to be a useful training tool and doesn’t look too bad either. At £50 it will not break the bank but still provide all the benefits of a POWERbreathe device.

Right, off to do some more training.

Check back soon for another update!


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