Corporal Darren Peacock – 10 days in with the POWERbreathe

Darren PeacockIt’s been 10 days since I arrived in Afghanistan and 9 days since I started using my POWERbreathe .

My workload is quite heavy durning the day, working 12 hour shifts but I find it easy to fit in 2 sessions of POWERbreathe training although I have received many an odd look for my work  colleagues.

As an Ex-smoker I used the smoke breaks my colleagues take to remind myself that I need to get 30 breaths with my  POWERbreathe Plus.

I found it very simple to use I watched the DVD with instructions on the flight here so was ready to go once I got here. My plan while I am here is to run a Marathon on the same day as the London Marathon, April 22nd.

I have managed to follow my running training so far but have had to switch to running on a treadmill as it is very dusty outside. My current running program is building me up for longer running, a few 3 mile runs, 7.5 and a nice 12.5 on a Sunday.

Although there is a gym here I have opted to continue with my TRX training as I have 24 hour access to it and along as I can attach it 8 foot about me I can get a 45 minute session. I was a bit sceptical at first about the benefits of PowerBreathing but I am very surprised with the results, I have noticed my breathing is easier while I am running even though its been only 9 days, I used to be really out of breath for the first 10 minutes of exercise until I got my second wind but now my breathing is more controlled as I start.

Tomorrow is time to turn my POWERbreathe Plus to setting number 1 and see the difference in resistance. I can’t wait to see and feel the results as I progress through the different settings.



2 thoughts on “Corporal Darren Peacock – 10 days in with the POWERbreathe”

  1. Corporal Peacock,

    I am really close to buying the IM Plus and I am very interested in your experiences with the device in the hopes of making an informed purchase.

    Please reply when you can.

    LTC Robert Tonkin

  2. Hello LTC Robert Tonkin,

    We have passed on your comment via Twitter to Corporal Peacock. If you are on Twitter he can be followed @DarrenSkippy. You can also leave us a comment on our Facebook page and our very own POWERbreathe Guru will try their best to answer it for you.

    Look forward to seeing you on our page.

    Please let us know if we can be of further help.

    Vanessa – POWERbreathe

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