POWERbreathe is successful at the London Bike Show

London Bike Show 2012Well what a busy few days POWERbreathe had at the London Bike Show.  Duncan and Emma represented the POWERbreathe team and deemed it a success.

We set up a POWERbreathe training and assessment centre.

You may wonder how we ended up at the show, well here is how we did.  Future is the largest Cycling publisher responsible for the following titles:

  • Cycling Plus
  • Mountain Biking UK
  • Official Tour de France Guide
  • Procycling
  • Triathlon Plus
  • What Mountain Bike

Well, they asked one of our customers Koolstoff of Exeter if they could pull together a very professional cycle training hub for the show to scientifically assess people and recommend methods to improve performance.  We were approached and asked if POWERbreathe would help and we said yes.  We were in good company, see below for the list of assessments,

  • Fitness testing for Power Zones, Heart Zones and VO2 Max  done by Kent University.
  • POWERbreathe K5 Inspiratory muscle training assessment
  • Spin Scan Analysis of pedal stroke
  • Postural Testing/ Strength/ Conditioning/ Core/ Flexibility assessment
  • Access to an Anti-Oxidant Scanner and Nutritional Advice
  • Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • Body Fat analysis
  • A 4 week training plan plus interactive training diary

We tested approximately 200 people and got great feedback.  Some typical comments “wow, that was a real workout”, “now I really understand why I need to strengthen my breathing muscles”, “I have never felt so pampered”, It was like a day at a health farm for cycling enthusiasts.  Asthma sufferers were also pleased to find out there was a non drug therapy available that was a great aid for respiratory illness and effective for COPD treatment.  Some bought POWERbreathe on the day, others said they would dig out the one they already owned now they knew how it worked and how to use it properly and the remainder said they would buy one in the future.

We even had a well known cyclist from the Node 4-Giordana racing team check out his lungs with POWERbreathe K5. He scored 170 which is very good for a first attempt and one of his team bought 2 POWERbreathe models there and then.

In conclusion, POWERbreathe was in excellent company in a professional sports assessment environment and we got over to everyone the logical benefits of enhanced breathing muscle strength and endurance. POWERbreathe certainly got across their message that ‘POWERbreathe is accepted as normal rather than unusual.’

We have uploaded some pictures of the event and they can be seen on the POWERbreathe Official Facebook page. If you attended the London Bike Show, please leave a comment below and if you popped over and said hello, let us know what you thought.

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