Madeline Simon (MS) – Increased my POWERbreathe training level to ‘difficult’ on my K3

Madeline SimonOne of my 2012 objectives has started. I had one of my amalgam fillings replaced with a white resin paste. This is a brave thing for me as I’m not that keen on dentists and as for needles, well, I am such a wimp!

However, at the moment I have an excellent dentist, who I trust, which does make things a little more bearable. One and a half amalgam fillings to go and these are planned for the end of February. So once those are done, if stem cell replacement is a viable option for MS patients, there will be no reason for me not to be in the queue. This may be 10-15 years away but there is no harm in being prepared.

My exercise regime is going well and is actually making me more active. I’ve even increased my POWERbreathe K3 level to ‘difficult’ up from ‘moderate’. I actually perform better when I have targets to aim for, which is why I like the K-series, because it’s easy to set and easy to see how I’m progressing.

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