Phil Bradbury: Nearly the end of my trial

I have just completed week 10 with the Powerbreathe.

This is my second week at level 5.5, and I now use a mini pyramid of settings each session. By that I mean 10 breaths at a low setting, 10 at a medium setting, 30 at my maximum setting, 10 at medium and finally 10 at low.

This makes sense to me, I think it teaches my muscles to do big full breaths at the low and medium setting, with a full load workout at my maximum setting.

I have just completed week 11 with the Powerbreathe .

Increased setting to 6.0 which is mostly achievable but not always. Still using a pyramid of settings in a full session (see above for an explanation).

At the start of my last week of the 12 week trial feeling it has been worthwhile. I will express a fuller view at the end of this week.
Phil Bradbury


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