POWERbreathe Trial – Samuel Dallimore Week 1: The Journey Begins

After having a go and testing it out, it didn’t take long to get the technique correct and I quickly settled into a routine of using my POWERbreathe twice per day fairly easily. I’m starting out on resistance 2.5 on the performance plus, which is a good challenge and I can definitely feel my lungs working for that. Transferring that into my swimming training I could see some initial benefits and gains all ready, if I used it before a session I felt that my breathing was much more controlled and improved slightly in function as well as efficiency.

This is really important to my in two ways, firstly because I’m asthmatic and so I struggle a lot with breath control and secondly because of my training, the sprint events I do, require me to hold my breath under large strains as well as in other cases large aerobic workouts. I’m looking forward to seeing the future benefits unfold after more training with my POWRbreathe.