POWERbreathe Trial – Colin White Week 1: The journey begins

Right so after a false start and premature submitting of Journal….daily, the week has come to an end and what a week:

I have taken my PBK3 into work with me every day and due to its sleek light weight design this is a very portable device, it also comes with a nice cloth bag to carry it arround.

After using my POWERbreathe daily I have noticed that my reliance on my asthma inhailers have got less, with the PBK3 there is a digital display which shows you how well your performing and you can track your performance on the device and upload it to your PC.

On Saturday 18 June I took part in a 3 hour Kickboxing / self defence seminar and I hadn’t noticed at the time but soon realised towards the end that I wasn’t out of breath or wheezing.

Comming up in week 2 I will be taking my PBK3 unit camping…..watch this space. Also in week 2 I will be visiting my asthma nurse so will get an update on my peak flow (amount of air stored in your lungs is measured by blowing into a device similar to a POWERbreathe and is registered on a dial).