Madeline Simon (MS) Week 6 and 7 – Worry and relief

16 May 2011

It has been quite a worrying and busy week, as my mother went into hospital on Thursday for a hip replacement operation. Excellent news, it all went well – PHEW! Hopefully, she will get discharged on Tuesday/Wednesday.

However, I did manage to get a few jobs done myself prior to her appointment; one of them was to see my Doctor. We talked about my amalgam fillings and like the Dentist said there is no rush in getting them removed. So my suggestion to the dentist when I see him next is to do one a year.

Here are some stats for you on my progress with the POWERbreathe K3:-

  • S-Index  – 66 cmH2O – FAIR
  • Flow       – 3.8 L/s
  • Volume  – 1.9 Litres

23rd May 2011

My mother was discharged from hospital on Tuesday. It really is quite remarkable and what a difference it has made, and it is only early days after her hip replacement. She has definitely got her mojo back. My father and I are doing what we can to help her out and to keep the house in order.

When I have extra on my plate other things have to go by the wayside, otherwise I will start to suffer. So my exercise has gone to the back of the queue but I am still doing my Pilates on a Monday and POWERbreathe every night. I need to pick the rest up ASAP. I also want to get my breathing strength up to GOOD. I like to give myself targets.