Madeline Simon (MS) Week 5 – What a fun week

09 May 2011

I have had a fun week. I went to stay with one of my sisters for a couple of days, with a bit of a shopping trip in the middle.

Shopping with a sister is great and can be quite painful on your wallet too! We haven’t had a shopping spree for over a year, so we had to make up for it!

My stamina was excellent – up to 8 hrs worth! I suppose what really lets me down are my Cerebellum Tremors that effect my coordination and my head stability, so I find if I link my arms with someone, that takes a lot of strain out of the equation. If I shop on my own, 1hour is usually my max.

I did take my POWERbreathe with me but that stayed in my bag. Sleep and refuelling my energy cells were much more important. I got back in my routine once back home, plus I am using my POWERbreathe K3 that gives me stats to allow me to monitor myself more accurately. I am a bit of a statistics nerd!