Andrea Cunningham Week 11 – Look on the bright side

21st June 2011

Hi everyone I’m back with my 11th journal entry!! Well this week things are looking up again – well apart from the weather will it ever stop raining!!  Monday I went for a cycle indoors on the interval training option (basically up and down hills) for 10 miles felt ok though I always generally get out of breath when I am doing this!!

Tuesday & Thursday then back to my favourite and combat class….my knee seems to be on the mend as it didn’t hurt at all which is great news.  And then Wednesday I once again took to the bike for more interval training – they say this is pretty good training and I seem to be getting better at it so that’s good news too.  Saturday then hallelujah it didn’t rain until lunch time so I took to the pavement for my first run in what felt like ages!  Wasn’t the best run I’ve ever had the air wasn’t the best at the start of the run as it was very muggy so I decided to reroute and head for the coastal path and it was much better down there.  I only managed about 8miles but my knee held up pretty well with just the odd niggle to contend with so that has defiantly given me the confidence to go out again and boy do I need to get back on the running schedule!

This week coming I’ve a lot of running to catch up on and I’m on a mission to find out what Fartlek sessions are as they are in my training schedule for the marathon obviously this is crucial as they appear a lot on this schedule not that I did any for the Belfast marathon!!  Well talk to you all next week hopefully with some new found knowledge 🙂