Strengthen your muscles for COPD

Anyone living with COPD knows when it comes to exercise it is a thought way back in the mind. However, carrying out some simple breathing exercises can help with your COPD treatment. Specific breathing exercises can help to strengthen your breathing muscles which over time will result in stronger lung power.

Breathing muscle training exercises also offer many other benefits.  Not only will you strengthen your diaphragm but the muscles around your rib cage and abdomen will become stronger. Rehabilitation for pulmonary conditions includes teaching patients the correct techniques for breathing that are combined with muscle strengthening as these are the elements that enable you to breathe correctly. If you suffer from COPD then exercise is an important activity that you must regularly do.

The less you exercise the less active you are and this leads to muscle weakness. When muscles become weak they require more oxygen to function, if they don’t get enough oxygen then it causes shortness of breath.  A suitable exercise program coupled with a healthy diet and monitoring from your Doctor will enable you to concentrate more on a healthy lifestyle without the need of using a tube to breathe.

Not many people are aware the diaphragm is actually a muscle, a muscle that is absolutely crucial for breathing. If you do suffer from COPD then it is imperative you regularly exercise to strengthen your diaphragm and get more air into your lungs. Other muscles that are strengthened with regular exercise include your pectoral muscles in your chest, your intercostals muscles along your rib cage and your abdominal muscles.

Steps you should take when doing COPD exercises

  • Never rush into exercising, start at a slow pace and build up your endurance progressively
  • If you use an inhaler keep it close to hand as you may need it.
  • Before starting any COPD exercise techniques, always clear any mucus build up you may have in your lungs.
  • If you rely on a tube for oxygen make sure it is not in your way when exercising.
  • For the best results always try to be consistent with your COPD breathing exercises as this will determine if the exercises have helped you or not.

If you suffer from COPD or any other breathing difficulty then it can be difficult to participate in regular sporting and fitness activities, particular sports that require endurance and high stamina like football and rugby. Rugby performance can be improved with some COPD exercises and regular exercise can also be effective for COPD treatment. Simple inspiratory muscle training will increase the efficiency of your lungs and enhance your ability to metabolise oxygen which is crucial to performance and endurance for any sport.