POWERbreathe Testimonials from our customers

testimonialsMany people are using POWERbreathe for a number of different reasons – sports training, fitness, even medical conditions. We wanted to publish POWERbreathe testimonials, POWERbreathe reviews and feedback from people who have used the POWERbreathe so the readers of our blog and fans of our social media sites can actually read first hand experience and not just take the word of POWERbreathe.

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Update from Vincent Carotenuto, USA – January 2016

“I just wanted to give you an update on my progress with the Powerbreathe. After using it since early August 2 times a day for 30 breaths (up until recently I was only able to do 30 breaths once a day), I now can run over 3 miles in 30 minutes even though I have asthma.  I do not use my inhaler and I know using the Powerbreathe is one of the major reasons that it is much easier to run without my inhaler.”

Feedback from Senior Physiotherapist, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, treating a cancer patient – 2015

“The doctors were really pleased with his repeat lung function tests, some of the values had improved considerably, they felt we’ve given him the best chance possible to making it through his transplant, and feel the Powerbreathe device has been a contributing factor to this despite us only having a small window of time to work with it. He was using it daily from the day you dropped it off to the day he was transferred to Birmingham, and I’m confident he was going to continue with it after he left us. We had also managed to increase it up to number 4 from 1 in the few weeks he was using it. If he comes back to us post transplant (which I have a feeling he may) I will keep you updated on his progress and possibly we may be able to arrange a review? Although this will depend very much on if he returns to us or goes straight home.

Many thanks for everything you did to help us in his management.”

Tweet from Mark Faghy, tutor in exercise physiology at Loughborough University – November 2015

“Great progress made by @WillHayhurst24 after only 2 weeks of using a @POWERbreatheUK device @jo78wi @bexknight @Official_NCFC #incredible”

Testimonial from Ross Turner (www.theturnertwins.co.uk) – September 2015

‘the POWERbreathe allowed us to train in a way that was in-expensive, appropriate and the best in the market for mountaineering adventure (without actually training at altitude). It was easy enough to take travelling and use every day while allowing any level of cardiac fitness you wanted. This POWERbreathe was perfect for Mt Elbrus as the mountain had glacial rubble and ice – two very different terrains that affected the cardiac system in different ways. With more adventures coming that are not at altitude, we will carry on using the POWERbreathe as it is a great way to train the body in a very advantageous way so you can perform comfortably while working hard on expeditions.’

Testimonial from Vinny Carotenuto – July 2015

“Hello, I just purchased your POWERbreathe Plus 2 medium resistance lung exerciser and I could tell after my first use that it is unlike any other lung exerciser I tried in the past (and I’ve tired 4 of them).  It seems like it is built to last and is very accurate in its measurements.  I can’t wait to see how it helps with my asthma and to see if it can help me pass the police physical fitness test in the future!  Thank you.”

Facebook comment from David Bannister, Run Director at Banbury Park Run UK –  May 2015

“Simple but amazingly effective bit of kit if u use it regularly. Can do it anytime!”

Facebook comment from Elizabeth Anne McTernan, World ranked Paracyclist & World Paratriathlon Bronze Medalist 2012 – May 2015

“Without a doubt, the POWERbreathe K5 has helped massively with my training and racing, so many thanks for a great product!”

Facebook comment from Justin Ross – February 2015

“I have also found in my own training that doing a (POWERbreathe) training set afterwards, as prescribed by your scientists, works really well to quickly bring the heart rate down and I feel it works to increase my recovery.”

Facebook comment from Philip Knowles – December 2014

“My K3 had transformed my life. Use it every day to help with copd. I saw results within days of using.”

Testimonial from Rose Gyimah – September 2014

“I purchased your Power breathe contraption about five years ago. As a professional singer it has done wonders to increase my breath control and support and improved my overall singing.

I want to invest in members of my chorale group with the same product that has seen a significant improvement in my singing.

I intend to purchase 10 of the Power breathe.”

Tweeted by Shona Darley (@shona_darley) – August 2014

“I’ve been using Powerbreathe since May and it’s made a huge difference to my asthma & running. Keep recommending to others :)”

Tweeted by Fringey Harney (@BoringHarney) – July 2014

“One of the best things I’ve ever bought is my PowerBREATHE. I’d definitely recommend them to people with CF. @CFAware.”

Testimonial from P Parsons – June 2014

“This device is great for people with lung disorders like emphysema it assists with the enlargement of the lungs when the sacks are blistered or burst it can assist with the exercise program that has been set out as a task for repair of the damaged lung.”

Testimonial from Donald Cornelius – April 2014

“I’ve been using my POWERbreathe for over 17 years. Bought it from Birmingham University before it went on the open market. I’m 79 years-old and it’s got me through several marathons, heart surgery and other ageing complaints. Recent lung capacity tests show I’m above average. I’m sure it’s because of my years of use of the POWERbreathe.”

Testimonial from Breathe Naturally – March 2014

“Just wanted to let you know, on a personal note, how effective POWERbreathe has been on strengthening my core. Have been using it in conjunction with some basic core exercises to help reduce a diastasis rectus as well as long term back pain. Well, moved some furniture around the other day, followed up with a day of snowboarding at the ski hill – a recipe for back pain for sure. Pleased to report there was none! Have been using POWERbreathe with a lot of my patients (am a physio) and find it most helpful to get them to engage their core properly…especially since the diaphragm is one of the “core four.” :)”

Testimonial from Matt Levy – March 2014

“Thanks POWERbreathe I’m an elite swimmer and have been to 3 Paralympic Games. It has definitely help me stay ahead of the competition .!!!”

Testimonial from Rhys Williams, Team GB, Welsh 400m hurdler – February 2014

“I have been using the powerbreathe religiously and so far have found some good results, enough for me to continue using, as by now it is an integrated part of my training. I really find it has helped. Thank you once again for allowing me to use the great product and for your help.”

Testimonial from David Gordon – January 2014

“I add my voice to those who sing the praise of Powerbreathe. As a 62 year old who has been unable to blow above 300 on a peakflow meter (I am an asthmatic) for years – I can now regularly exceed 400! Powerbreathe is great – it really works!!”

Testimonial from Robin McNelis – December 2013

I noticed runners changing to shoulder/neck breathing when on slippy ground during cross country, I presume using their diaphragm to help with balance. I tried doing Powerbreathe on my wobble board and was amazed how using the Powerbreathe switched on my stabilising muscles around my hips. Another great workout, we live and learn.

Testimonial from Peter Ward – November 2013

It’s working for me. No doubt. My best 10k time was 49.50 on a flat course in the Bupa London 10,000 last year. Yesterday I ran 10K including a big hill in just under 48. Looking forward to doing the BUPA again in May and seeing how much has improved my speed.

Testimonial from Mike Owen – November 2013

I have played jazz saxophone for over 30 years and started using Powerbreathe Plus 3 months ago at the suggestion of a colleague who runs. I noticed after a few weeks that I was playing longer jazz phrases without breathing so often, thus freeing my mind up to more improvisational ideas.

Testimonial from Robin McNelis – November 2013

I’ve been marathon running for 14 years and the greatest change I’ve seen was when I started to use my old Powerbreathe consistently earlier this year.

Testimonial from Phil Knowles – September 2013

Hi guys, after being diagnosed with COPD, too much smoking whacky backy in my twenties I suspect (I’m now 43) the powerbreathe k3 I purchased has made a huge difference. I cycle and hike and this has not only made it possible for me to breathe deeper and more effectively it’s made my chest feel much more comfortable at rest. At my worst before using the k3 I could not even fully finish a sentence or yawn properly. It also makes you more conscious of how you breathe, almost retraining me to take deep effective breaths when exerting or exercising.
I often recommend this device to people, think its great for anyone with breathlessness or breathing problems or athletes alike. It’s a shame that my doctor didn’t recommend this device instead of me having to search it out on the Internet.
When I first started I was getting results when training of load around 60, now peaks at 105. Power was under 10 now often at 22. Volume stayed the same at around 4 litres and training index is always at the mid 90s.
Thanks guys at powerbreathe for such a great device I hope that one day the medical profession will recognise it for it’s usefulness with medical problems, I’d fully endorse it.

Testimonial from Jude Irvine – September 2013

When I informed my consultants/doctors that I had purchased one (POWERbreathe Medic) they were pleased and spoke of the benefits of using it. However, they did not offer to prescribe. There needs to be a bigger campaign to bring Powerbreathe equipment and training to the health industry. My awareness of it was only because of my involvement in the fitness industry. The benefits of training the lungs in this way is immeasurable! I have found excellent results and recommend it to anyone who has breathing difficulties or those who wish to increase their lung capacity for sport or fitness. Let’s get Powerbreathe equipment/training recognised and widely available in treatment plans for people who struggle to breathe!!

Testimonial from Josephine Gull – August 2013

Hi to all at POWERbreathe towers!  I managed to get my old POWERbreathe working again and have been using it morning (on the bike to work) and evening ( before going to sleep) and even in conjunction with core stability on the med ball. I have fully regained my speed and endurance and made both better and stronger. The 100m is over before I really even get started and the 200m doesn’t take nearly as much effort as it used to. It’s good to be back.  Monday I start my law internship, but I’m not gonna lose what I’ve just regained all over again and POWERbreathing will certainly help prevent that from happening again. Thanks once again for all the support and encouragement.

Testimonial from Stuart Starkey – August 2013

Well done POWERbreathe you got me to the top of Africa Kilimanjaro expedition ticked off.

Testimonial from Charlie Stevens – August 2013

I love my power breathe, it’s an awesome tool it’s helped me a lot with my cardio training, I started using it when I was cycling and continue to use it in my cardio programmes, like insanity and tapout xt.

Testimonial from Stuart Starkey – July 2013

Very impressed with my power breath. I am using this in my preparation for climbing Kilimanjaro.

Testimonial from Keith Withers – July 2013

I have used this (POWERbreathe) before to help improve my sprint distance in the pool and now open water. As an asthmatic as well, I noticed an improvement after using one as part of our dry land training.

Testimonial from Lydia Adelin – June 2013

Met a nice runner called Duncan who sold me a powerbreathe at Bosworth Tri last Sunday. Just wanted to let him know I have been using it for a week as and when and today in a race I didn’t use my asthma pump because I forgot it anyway – but I did notice I was breathing differently – and a lot more comfortably! If this progress continues I am one very happy customer 🙂

Lydia Adelin

Testimonial from Phil Welch – January 2013

POWERbreathe has done wonders for my asthma and I have no symptoms and have not used an inhaler for years. I also feel it has given me an extra edge in mountain bike 24 hour endurance events and in Italy I managed to finish 2nd in the World Championship. I can’t recommend this product enough.

Phil Welch

See Phil’s video testimonial on the POWERbreatheUK YouTube Channel

Testimonial from Susan Andrews – August 2012

When I began using my POWERbreathe, of course, I watched the DVD that came with it, as well as a webinar I received from Dr. McConnell. Both were very interesting and very good; however, I found myself craving an even clearer understanding of how the lungs typically work and why, how IMT using POWERbreathe modifies how they work and why, and the range of possibilities using your device.

I am a complete novice with respect to IMT, and only discovered it after having to undergo physical therapy after lung surgery merely four months ago. Having been extremely athletic prior to the need for that surgery, I have been absolutely desperate to restore my breathing back to 100% normal, but it has been no simple or easy task due to complications from the surgery itself and the loss of the upper left lobe.

Nevertheless, I am intent on achieving my goal and am using your device daily but conservatively in terms of the resistance, due to having a resected bronchus. I am passionate about your science and technology and eager to understand and harness it as fully as possible.

Yes, when you never had to think about how and why your lungs work, it can be very abstract and unclear when you suddenly find yourself wanting to become expert enough to accomplish your goals concerning them!

Susan Andrews

Testimonial from Melanie Ryding – December 2011

I took part in the powerbreathe trial because I wanted to know something specific: could powerbreathe cure me of my asthma? They claimed they could.

I developed asthma as an adult, and in more recent years it is only a problem during exercise at high intensity: a rather large problem if you are a short course GB age group triathlete who spends most of the race at high intensity!

I trialled the PowerBreathe for 12 weeks. During this time, I noticed an improvement in my performance on the unit, as well as an improvement in my asthma, noticing I could train at higher intensities for longer with less problems. Don’t be under any illusions, this is a tough little cookie, and you do work hard when using the Powerbreathe!

After consistent use of Powerbreathe for around 2 months, I noticed that I did not need the inhaler, and most of the time I was carrying it ‘just in case’ !!

Towards the end of the trial, I was due a flu jab at the doctors, it was ‘that time of year’. I was turned down, because ‘I no longer appeared to suffer from asthma’! Dont get me wrong, I was quite cross, but, at the same time, what a result!?!

Now, i have an inhaler that I collected from the doctor ages ago, that is still in its box, never been opened. I havent needed an inhaler for about 3 or 4 months now.

I USED to have asthma, but now, thanks to PowerBreathe, it seems that I don’t anymore!

Would I recommend it to asthma sufferers? Of course!! I seriously did not expect this result at all, and I am WELL PLEASED!!


Testimonial from Colin White – August 2011

I have been using POWERbreathe for many years now (my wife bought me one as a present).

I was born with Chronic Bronchal Asthma and have suffered many asthma attacks throughout my life. Being asthmatic I have always been on medication and it has had an affect on how much sport I can do. I have always been active and during my teens trained as a Performing Artist I have also had a love for Martial Arts/Self Defence.

I have always been aware of how much I can physically push myself but there has always been a “limit” or something holding me back, my asthma. When my wife bought me a POWERbreathe unit (the classic I do believe) I thought what the hell….I have tried everything else so why not give this contraption a go!!!

Well that was somewhere arround 2003/4 and I have used it daily since, taking just 30 breaths in the morning and 30 in the evening. I noticed that I was using my inhailers less, my attacks were less frequent, my fitness levels increased and I was able to push my limits further than before.

I have just started a trial using the new PBK3 unit and have increased my resistance and amount of breaths to 90 per day (30 morning, 30 afternoon and 30 in the evening). This has alowed me to train daily on my fitness, support my wife in her training (I can now run with her without stopping every 5 mins to catch my breath) and now teach Martial Arts.

My asthma nurse also said that she had noticed an improvement in my breathing, my peakflow reading has gone up and at the age of 32 I’m in better shape than when I was a teen.

Try POWERbreathe for yourself and notice the difference in just 30 breaths per day. I would strongly recommend to anyone who suffers from respiratory conditions

Colin White

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  1. I can only confirm the success of POWERbreathe in reducing breathlessness due to lung or heart troubles. Measurable progress in improving inspiratory suction is also very convincing. Richard Friedel

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