POWERbreathe user trial: Martin Haines – Best laid plans

Another spanner in the works, talk about ‘best laid plans’. The cardio work has increased over the last 2 weeks more than I’d anticipated due my tearing brachioradialis in my arm. Gutted.  It’s not that common, so I must have some deep biomechanical issues that I wasn’t aware of – embarrassing as I’m a Biomechanics Coach!  So I’ve been doing quite a bit more cardio than I’d planned.  Anyway, that’s starting to progress well as you’d expect and I’ve lost a couple of kilo’s so the old ticker is happy.  I’ve actually started an indoor cycling class, which is fun, but hard work!  I must try a proper spinning class to compare.  Has the powerbreathe had any impact on any the of the cardio work I’ve been doing? I’m not sure to be honest, hopefully I’ll have a better idea in a few weeks.


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  1. Martin I’m so sorry to hear that. You are unlucky. At least you’re able to keep your fitness level up with your cardio training, and POWERbreathe will help. As for spinning, boy is it hard work. Your cardio work will definitely pay off if you try that. Chin up and thanks for the update.

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