The trial is over: and the asthma is cured!

So 12 wMelanie Rydingeeks have come to an end, and wow, what a change has occurred.

When I started this trial I was an athlete and an asthma sufferer. Now, quite simply, I’m an athlete. You think I exaggerate? No I don’t!

I stopped needing the inhaler in about week 3 or 4. I carried around with me for a further 3-4 weeks ‘just in case’. In fact, my coach was quite concerned when I first stopped carrying it.

I usually needed it when I was doing intense training. I have an inhaler I got from the doctor, that is still in the box. One prescription charge wasted I think! In fact the doctor recently refused to give me a flu jab because i ‘no longer seemed to have asthma’.

This was exactly why I wanted to do this trial. Could the powerbreathe cure asthma? It was a physical limiter for me, putting a cap on what might be possible in intense training sessions due to the restriction.

I look forward to finding out the new extent of the limitless possibilities because I will not need that any more!!

Does powerbreathe work? YES!
Did I think it would when I started? No, I was not completely convinced!
Would I recommend it to other asthma sufferers? OH YES!!

The theory behind this product and how it works is very logical, why would you NOT try it?









Melanie Ryding
GB Age group triathlete

2 thoughts on “The trial is over: and the asthma is cured!”

  1. Melanie we are so pleased here at POWERbreathe to know that your taking part in the trial has helped you. You’ve been through such a lot, with that awful accident, but at the end of it you’ve achieved such a lot, and even better, you’re asthma symptoms seem to have decreased. We really are delighted that you contacted us and gave POWERbreathe a chance. And we hope you continue to go from strength-to-strength.

    Please let us know now and then how your training and competitions are going and we all wish you well, and good luck in all that you do.

    Best wishes from all at POWERbreathe.

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