Phil Bradbury – My POWERbreathe Training (week 6)

I have just completed week six with the Powerbreathe.
I am still following a pattern of using the Powerbreathe unit in the morning and evening, as I get up and just before going to sleep, I find this is the most convenient for me.
I am still following my regime of doing 10 breaths at half load, 30  breaths at current full load and a further 10 breaths at half load, as I have written previously this seems to enable me to achieve a better overall technique, it feels like a better workout than simply just trying to do the 30 breaths at full load.
I have kept a setting of 4.5 for the second week running, this load is getting easier but not easy so I intend to hold it at this until I am getting a fuller breath on each of the 30.
I think I am starting to feel a change in my breathing when under high exercise stress, I think I am feeling less stress high up in my chest.
Phil Bradbury

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