Madeline Simon (MS) – Pilates and POWERbreathe

After this week I am hoping all my Christmas cards are all sent or delivered, presents will be all bought and wrapped and Christmas letters done. I am already feeling the pressure starting to lift.

I haven’t been able to do all my exercises though, as something has to give but what never gives is my Pilates and use of my POWERbreathe. I would not sacrifice either of these.

It’s our Pilates Christmas luncheon on Monday, which will be good fun. I must remember to take my plastic spoon, I use this for ease of eating, as my tremors make me uncoordinated. All my friends are very understanding as I have to eat with one hand holding my wrist for stability, otherwise the food would go flying.

I went to see some friends for the night, who I didn’t manage to get to see in the summer because of X,Y and Z. One night away is working out fine for me. Anyway, it was good fun.

I also had a dentist check-up appointment and thankfully everything was fine. However, we did talk about changing my amalgam fillings, 2.5 of them, to white, non-mercury ones. An X-ray was taken and all are shallow. The first appointment is mid Jan and the other two will get replaced mid-year. I know I’m a little early but if the trials for Stem Cell Replacement are positive and the treatment will be available, I wouldn’t want any delays in getting in the queue.

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