Madeline Simon (MS) – a big improvement

A big improvement has been made. My hour long Pilates kicked the week off in the right direction and my swimming was another success. I went a bit later than normal and had the pool all to myself. I’ve also picked up my Powerbreathe again. My monthly results do show a slight deterioration, just proving to myself how important it all is. Now it’s onwards and upwards again after that negative blip.

TRAIN                                                                                                                        TEST


Date Level Load cmH2O   PowerWatts   Volume Litres  T-index%      S-IndexcmH2O  FlowL/s Volume Litres
9th Sept 2011 Moderate 34 4.7 2.1 89 High 72Average 4.2 1.8
7th Oct 2011 Moderate 42 4.8 2.0 89 High 75Average 4.5 1.8
13th Nov 2011 Moderate 42 4.4 1.8 85 High 77Average 4.4 1.8

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